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    Cloned cameras reporting bitrate

    I have cloned several cameras while testing a few things related to motion detection. When I check the status page, all but one of the cloned cameras are reporting bitrate instead of the original cameras. Wondering if anyone else is seeing this? I doesn't really matter since only one camera is...
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    Camera triggers but clip isn't saved

    I have 8 cameras and two of them just started doing something odd today. Triggered alerts are not stored, camera shows zero clips. If I manually trigger the camera from the BI app, I get the push notification with embedded GIF but no clip in my BI app on mobile or PC. Really odd, anyone ever see...
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    Turn off alert push notifications per camera?

    I have several "cloned" cameras where I'm testing different settings etc. I'd like to turn off motion trigger alert push notifications on those cameras only. Is this possible? I've looked and read through the docs and can't find anything. Appreciate it!
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    Edge Vector motion sensor algorithm settings

    I'm testing out the new Edge Vector motion sensor algorithm. I made clones of all my existing cameras. On the cloned cameras, the only thing I changed was setting the motion sensor algorithm to Edge Vector from Simple. With Edge Vector I'm missing people walking, cars, animals etc. Are any of...
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    Uniden DB1 reset? Possibly bricked...

    I purchased a Uniden U-Bell DB1 a few months ago. Now that we've finished building our new home, I tried to install it this weekend. I'm using a 16VAC transformer to provide power. My multi-meter showed 17.1 VAC at the doorbell location and I was able to initially get the unit installed and...
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    5231R-ZE IR setting with supplemental IR illuminator

    I have installed a supplemental IR illuminator for each of my 5231R-ZEs. What I have noticed is that the Smart IR setting seems to auto-adjust when the supplemental IR is on and ends up with a very similar picture to when the supplemental IR is off. I'd really like the 5231R-ZE to take...
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    Webcast counter under BI Status page

    I have one camera that keeps counting up the Webcast number. Any idea why? It seems to be configured like the rest of the cameras. Thanks!
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    IVS Snapshot storage

    I'm testing snapshots for IVS and they are working as expected. The question I have is that it appears day folders are being deleted so there always no more than 2 or 3 days. Is this a setting that is configurable? Thanks
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    Triggered alert clip, not sure why

    I have alert triggers sometimes where I can't figure out why it triggered. For example, the latest alert when run through using "Test run video through motion detector" doesn't show any pixel movement indications, sensing or triggered states. The clip does indicate bright sun coming back out...
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    IVS snapshot management

    I've been working a little bit with IVS and sending snapshots to my NAS. The filename and folder structure is a bit cumbersome when it comes to reviewing snapshots for each camera etc. Are any of you using IVS and snapshots that have found a more efficient way to review the snapshots? Thanks!
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    Drawing motion zones in BI5 - viewing issue

    I'm setting up A-B motion zones and I'm noticing that I'm not seeing the other zones I'm drawing. For example, I have zone G completely covered. I then go to zone A and draw a couple of lines. When I go to zone B to draw lines, I don't see zone A lines in the zone B for reference. Am I missing a...
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    Can I power 2 IR illuminators with 1 PoE port?

    I have a location where I currently have 1 IR illuminator. I'd like to add a second so I can point it to another area. Is it possible to use a splitter for the existing PoE wire to power both illuminators? If so, what type of splitter would I need. Thanks!
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    IVS snapshot problems

    I've never tried to configure and use IVS snapshots on my 5231s until this week. First, I really wish there was some good documentation available on how to configure tripwires etc. I finally muddled my way through and finally was able to get one camera sending snapshots to my QNAP NAS. The...
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    Which Make & Model to use in BI camera config?

    Does it matter, is one more stable than the other? Thanks
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    WMI Provider Host CPU usage with BI Tools Watchdog running

    Is everyone else seeing 10% - 15% CPU usage when Watchdog is enabled?
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    5231 video settings

    I have five 5231 cameras running and I'm using the attached video settings. Combining these 5231s with four additional 4231 wedge cameras, my CPU is pretty constant at 80%. Should I adjust the video settings? Thanks
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    5231 night settings

    I live in a remote area, no street lights etc., so night time is DARK. I've been trying different things and I keep coming back to the default settings for the best night quality. Are other 5231 users doing the same in my situation? Thanks!
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    Installed new cam, only sub-stream is viewable?

    Installed the camera and the main stream doesn't display using the web interface. The sub-stream is just fine. I changed the main stream to 720 from 1080 and it displays. Any thoughts as to what may be going on? Thanks
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    Need to minimize cabling for IR illuminator

    I purchased a Tendelux IR Illuminator that's powered by 12v. This illuminator is going to be mounted along side a Dahua 5231 mounted with a junction box. I have a second PoE ethernet cable run to this location and I'm trying to find the best way to connect it using this cable that uses the least...
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    Night settings for HDW5231R-ZE

    I just moved in to our new home and I'm slowly getting the 5231s up and running. I know I've read it somewhere in the forum before but a search isn't turning up what some good night settings are. The house is located where there is no ambient light at night so it's really, really dark. Each 5231...
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    Current firmware for IPC-HDW1320S

    I have a IPC-HDW1320S that is currently running firmware version 2.620.0000002.0.R, Build Date: 2017-08-30. I'd like to know if there is a more current version available. Thanks.
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE factory reset procedure

    Long story short, I had several IPC-HDW5231R-ZE cameras on my previous network. I moved and upgraded router, APs etc. My address scheme is different than the cameras are currently IP'd for. I didn't think this would be an issue since I was planning on using the IP Config tool. Problem is, the...
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    Ubiquiti Unifi configuration help for DDNS WAN connectivity

    I just replaced my wifi with a complete Ubiquiti Unifi setup including Security Gateway, PoE Switch, Access Point and Cloud Key. I'm trying to get DDNS configured so I can access BI remotely using the BI iOS app. I'd really appreciate some help from any of you who may have a similar setup. Thanks!
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    Should I get 2.8 mm or 3.6 mm for entry cams?

    Ordering a few HDBW4231F-AS cameras from Andy tonight. Should I go with 2.8 mm or 3.6 mm for entry doors? Thanks
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    Picture problem when changing from Day/Night

    I'm testing a 5231 and 4231 connected to Blue Iris. When they change from Day to Night mode, the image is not right. It's too dark and it shows a pulsing type image when viewed. To fix the issue, I have to log into the camera and go to the Exposure settings page. I don't change anything but just...
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    Comments on the HDBW4231F-AS

    I purchased a HDBW4231F-AS and I just set up a test vs. the LTS version of the Hikvision 2MP DS-2DE2A204W-DE3. Here is a snapshot from Blue Iris from each camera. The Hikvision picture looks much better to me during daytime. We'll see how they compare at night. Since the Dahua is ultra low light...
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    How do I enable PTZ for a camera in the app?

    PTZ controls work in the BI app on the PC but they are grayed out in the IOS app. Thanks
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    Thoughts on new DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 4MP PTZ?

    Anyone have any experience with this camera? They make a 2MP version as well. I'm curious how it would compare to the Dahua Starlights? Thanks!
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    Best Dahua for entry door locations?

    I'll be installing Starlight ZEs to cover various locations around my house, I have 3 entry doors that I have wired for cameras as well. Which Dahua would be a good choice for this? Thanks!
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    How to factory reset LTS CMIP3042W Turret

    I have 3 of these to sell and I'd like to factory reset them. I have the NVMS7000 app but the factory reset command there doesn't reset the settings. Thanks