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  1. Sean Nelson

    If you install cameras for a living, but you don't install Access Control, you need to click here

    Access Control is an untapped goldmine for the professional installer. However, alot of guys are intimitated by the complexities it brings. The thing is, its really not that complicated. But what I can tell you is, that if you want to get started, the best way to do this is to start with an...
  2. Sean Nelson

    If you are utterly overwhelmed on where to start with a system...

    We often get the question: "How much is a security system?" As you can imagine, that can be a pretty loaded answer. We often get statements such as: "I need a system but I dont know where to start" or "Can you quote me a system?" This is often followed with an extra long back and forth dialog...
  3. Sean Nelson

    The NiteColor Cameras Continue to Impress

    Ill put these up against any low light camera out there. Everytime i come home at night and see this camera on my monitor compared to the other cameras that are in Black&White and this camera looks like it has a day time image, it makes me smile. NiteColor Low Light Cameras: Real or Fake...
  4. Sean Nelson

    Need a camera that is intentionally noticeable? Check this out..

    Camera warns would be intruders with audible alarms and strobes: Active Deterrence Security Cams, Say Goodbye to False Alarms
  5. Sean Nelson

    ColorVu Cameras are so good in Low Light that you will think we are liars, scammers and cheats!

    We posted this video over the weekend on facebook and several folks called BS on us. This video was taken with our new ColurVu Cameras AT MIDNIGHT with no external light source. This camera does have a built in floodlight on it, but when this video was taken, the floodlight was turned OFF. The...
  6. Sean Nelson

    Garage Sale Bonanza - New and Used security equipment for sale

    Not sure if you knew but our Garage Sale is back up and running. Matter of fact we have a whole site dedicated to it now. www.nellyssurplus.com You will find great new and used products here at smoking prices! We lower the prices on all unsold used equipment every week so check back often. Now...
  7. Sean Nelson

    New Low Cost IP Surveillance Line

    Super excited about this. We just got our new low cost IP surveillance line in. We have 2,5, and 8MP cameras available at ridiculous pricing. This line is geared towards easy operation and simplicity. The image quality on the cameras are outstanding. The NVR's are easy to operate. The remote...
  8. Sean Nelson

    New 3MP Wifi Video Doorbell!

    Hey Folks got these new doorbells in. Its a little different than the original doorbell we carried. There are some added advantages for sure, but as of right now Onvif Implementation still needs some work as we can only get a main stream from the doorbell (no substream). However, If you are...
  9. Sean Nelson

    You gotta see this Mini 4MP Auto-Tracking PTZ

    Not sure if you guys saw it or not, but check out the review we did on the 4MP Auto-Tracking PTZ: Comprehensive Review of the NSC-4A425-PTZir: a 4MP Mini PTZ with Auto Tracking, 160\' Night Vision, Hidden IR, 60 FPS Video, and Long Range 25x Zoom
  10. Sean Nelson

    Check out the review we did on our new License Plate Cam

    This thing is pretty cool. If license plate capture is a crucial need for one of your surveillance areas, you need to check this out: License Plate Recognition LPR Security Camera W/ Long Range 8-32mm Lens & High Powered Infrared Illuminators / Silky Smooth 60 FPS @ 1080p for Plate Capture...
  11. Sean Nelson

    Black Friday deals going on at Nellys Security and GoSwift

    We have some ridiculously smoking deals going on right now at www.nellyssecurity.com on a few of our more popular products. Doorbells, 2, 4, and 8 mp cameras, as well as some systems. Go load up! We have also marked our GoSwift camera down to 79.99 from 99.99. As well as our 8 cam complete...
  12. Sean Nelson

    Introducing GoSwift Security - $99 4K Bullet Camera

    Hey Folks. Come check out our new side project: GoSwift Security. Security products designed to be simplified and cost effective. Geared for the end user home and small business user. Our flagship product is a 4K Bullet Weatherproof Camera. We have it up on Amazon right now...
  13. Sean Nelson

    New 4MP Mini PTZ - Check out the video

    Hey folks. Just finished a review of one of our new weatherproof mini ptz's we got in. The 4mp video is stunning. Check out the review here: Comprehensive Review of the NSC-2A4-PTZ 4MP Weatherproof Mini PTZ IP Security Camera 2.8-12mm
  14. Sean Nelson

    Need 5 Testers for New Project - Get a free 4K IP Camera

    Im excited to annouce a new venture in Nelly's Security Land! www.goswiftsecurity.com This is more of a retail based venture that will be focused on DIY Residential and Small Business. We just got our first small batch in and we are doing a sort of soft launch so dont buy anything off the site...
  15. Sean Nelson

    Excellent Prices On Excellent POE Switches

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share a bit about some of our POE switches that are selling well and have had good feedback. We just received our large shipment of our 2nd generation IPCamPower switches. These things are built for commercial use but have consumer grade pricing. Check em out here...
  16. Sean Nelson

    Get a free system with a catch.....

    We are looking to give away one of our most popular systems: Complete 8 Channel 1080P HD-TVI Dome Surveillance System w/ 1TB Hard Drive - Nelly's Security In exchange we are asking for short video clips in some (or all) of your cameras that we can put on a promo video that we are making for...
  17. Sean Nelson

    Got a Special Going on 4MP Wifi Systems

    Got some 4 and 8 channel wifi systems on special right now. The NVR's in these packages have a built in wifi access point which will keep your wireless traffic off of your router and only on the NVR, (it wont bog down your normal wifi!). Whats even more cool is that its basically a plug n play...
  18. Sean Nelson

    Calling all Ion Users - Beta testing needed for cloud P2P service

    If you have purchased an Ion from us, please let me know if you would like to be a part of the cloud P2P server feature. Your help would greatly be appreciated. This feature takes out the need to do port forwarding. Thanks!