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    Is there a shroud or some other way to block light glare on dahua cam?

    I've had my Dahua cams for about 2 years now and had no problem until my wife decided we needed some lights in the front yard. Now one of them has a light below it that is causing some night vision issues. I'm wondering if anybody is aware of a shroud or some other attachment that can be put...
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    Review-OEM IPC-T2231T-ZS Ver 2, 2mp Varifocal Starlight Camera

    I have one of these cameras and decided to start playing with IVS....until I found it isn't in the menus anywhere. Any idea what is going on?
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    Review-OEM IPC-T5241H-AS-PV 2mp AI active deterrence cam

    I have the same issue. I updated to 19.R today. I did buy the camera from Andy. Any ideas what is going on here? Nevermind. It did NOT update properly and was at 10.R still. When I flashed it again, it upgraded to 19.R and the Algorithm error goes away.
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    WTS Selling 1x Dahua SD1A203T-GN (PTZ Mini-Dome Starlight Camera)

    Maybe in a week or so Arjun. I'm starting to put together a surveillance system going into our home remodel, but I'm not quite at the decision point of which cameras to go with.