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  1. thisbeJonas

    picture not attaching to email alerts

    Using Blue Iris version Everything was working good. Had it setup to email when deepstack confirmed alerts and it would attach a jpg. Now suddenly it will not attach the image or send the email. When I test the email settings, everything goes thru fine. I attached a screen cap of the...
  2. thisbeJonas

    Poor video quality

    The tv is set to "computer". Also it is only doing it to the new cameras, not all the cameras which leads me to believe it is a setting with the new cameras.
  3. thisbeJonas

    Poor video quality

    I have a 3 monitor setup on my computer. Two of the monitors are normal computer monitors, the third is a vizio TV. I recently added 3 new cameras (Dahua 5442). When blue iris is displayed on the monitors, the picture looks great. But when I display blue iris on the TV, the new cameras look very...
  4. thisbeJonas

    Send Alerts

    Can not figure out what I'm doing wrong. The test always fails due to active profile or trigger source. Screen caps of my settings below .
  5. thisbeJonas

    Car licence plates with non ANPR camera

    I have been using the sunrise utility as well, but with very little luck. It seems that it does not actual change the zoom/focus after a profile switch. Part of my confusion is if the utility is using BI profile, or camera profile.
  6. thisbeJonas

    Help with focus issues

    We got hit again by the car door checkers. I upgraded cameras to the Dahua IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E because last time we got hit, you couldn't see anything due to the box store cameras being to wide angle. So now with my new cameras I still cant see anything good enough to tell any details. I feel like...
  7. thisbeJonas


    Camera is recording in B&W during the day (not sure why) but do police have something blocking their license plates from cameras or is this guy just missing his plate?
  8. thisbeJonas

    IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E daylight mode

    I have a IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E setup as a LPR, and using dahua sunrise/sunset to control focus. Works OK except some days it still does not focus correctly and for some reason it started staying in B&W during the day time. I thought it was because on the daylight profile it still had the IR set as...
  9. thisbeJonas

    Dahua 2MP Starlight Lineup

    I agree with a lot of your points but I only found 1 starlight dahau bullet camera and it was over 800.00. All the input I get on here is that the 2mp starlight cameras are the ones to get, even though Im still somewhat confused on that as I would think 2mp cameras would be kinda of outdated at...
  10. thisbeJonas

    Blocked services

    Im not 100% sure what was wrong, but it would not connect to the stunnel, kept kicking out the connection. I will try to do it again tomorrow and get some screen caps. As with Stunnel, Im not sure, I haave no experience using a VPN, Ill try again tomorrow and get some screen caps.
  11. thisbeJonas

    Blocked services

    Having trouble getting my network side setup as the recommendations have suggested. I have a netgear router that has the option for OpenVPN but every tutorial I have followed it has not worked. I have also tried setting up Stunnel with no luck there either. I want to be able to access the...
  12. thisbeJonas

    What cameras are these?

    I have a family member that has a pretty nice camera setup so I got the model numbers off of his cameras to look them up and I found them on amazon. The price is cheaper than the Dahua varifocals that I have been looking at but these are 5 MP with a 1/3" Sony IMX326 CMOS Sensor which I think is...
  13. thisbeJonas

    Cant figure out proper focal lengths

    That is essentially what I was trying to do but even with the varifocal the field of view gets to narrow once I zoom out to get the distance I would need. Almost as if I need to line the whole garage wall with 12 mm cameras. At least according to the camera tool webpage.
  14. thisbeJonas

    Cant figure out proper focal lengths

    Trying to upgrade from my super wide cant identify anything LAView cameras and not having luck finding a good setup to cover most of parking area. I have tried crossing the cameras but the focal length for that really leaves a lot of blind spots. I have tried pointing to where each set of cars...
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    cam 1

  19. thisbeJonas

    Dahua 2MP Starlight Lineup

    Is there a faster way to get these cameras? I ordered an IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E from the Empiretech amazon store on April 28 and it shows it wont be delivered until May 17 to June 10th. Also Im now confused on model numbers and hoping I ordered the correct one that most recommend for the LPR camera...
  20. thisbeJonas

    cat5 splitter

    I gotcha now, that does sound like a better idea, just need to figure what that type of connector is so that I can find a splitter for it. Sorry, Im a little slow on this stuff, as my avatar state, im a n3wb
  21. thisbeJonas

    No IR light

    Found it, it was buried in a sub menu I guess I kept over looking. I appreciate your help!! Could I get your thoughts on my other post cat5 splitter
  22. thisbeJonas

    cat5 splitter

    From what I have read, a POE splitter will not supply the 12 volts to the camera. It seperates the 12 volt and the network lines. So then I still need a 12 volt source to power the camera. The cat5 splitter just splits all signals going in into 2 outputs with all signals still attached. Then run...
  23. thisbeJonas

    cat5 splitter

    Would a cat5 splitter work to send the signal to my camera and also POE power to a aux IR light. The IR light is 4 watts, the camera is 6.5 watts with the built in IR light on (I would disable them so it would actually draw less power), my POE switch has 110 watts available, so I should have...
  24. thisbeJonas

    No IR light

    Anyone else have any advice?
  25. thisbeJonas

    No IR light

    Is service menu something different than just using the cameras IP address? I have gone thru the menu several times and found nothing other than the day/night switch. Also I notice when logging into the camera, it still displays LAView logo even though Im now using Blue Iris. Makes me think they...
  26. thisbeJonas

    No IR light

    I logged into the camera itself and the only option I found was to switch it from Day - Night - Auto. When the camera is in night mode it does see the aux IR light. When it is in day mode, the internal IR turns off and it does not see the aux IR light. The camera model is a LV-PB3040w which came...
  27. thisbeJonas

    No IR light

    Trying to remedy the spider situation so I bought a Tendelux 80ft IR Illuminator | AI4. I went into the blue iris software PTZ controls and turned off the cameras built in IR light then plugged in the Tendelux light and the camera did not see the light. If I pointed the light directly at the...