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  1. bp2008

    Some idiot keeps adding cameras...

    I would say i7-8700 is a modest upgrade. It is a few generations of minor performance uplifts (intel was lazy back then) and 2 more cores than you have now. Goes for around $140. Dell Precision Tower 3431 PC 3.20GHz Core i7-8700 16GB RAM No HDD/SSD | eBay But if you are willing to spend more...
  2. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    UI3 doesn't really log anything meaningful (mostly it is just text dumps of error toast messages that show), but what little it does log can be seen by opening the browser's developer tools and looking at the "Console". This log is not persisted anywhere. Once you reload the page it is gone...
  3. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    @TheWaterbug I haven't seen it happen when I use the timeline so I wonder if there is something special about your system that makes it happen. Typically "video stream was lost" means the connection to Blue Iris (the one which was receiving video) was disconnected and UI3 had to open a new...
  4. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    I've also been seeing it fairly often on mobile Chrome. This error message is entirely an invention of UI3 because at some point in the past I was having problems with the video player just freezing even though UI3 was still receiving new video frames from Blue Iris. I may need to tweak the...
  5. bp2008

    Was looking into mini computer for a new Blue iris build. Thoughts on this

    That one you linked is overkill for Blue Iris. Try something with ryzen 5560u, 5600u, 5700u, something in that performance ballpark should be fine and cost half or less. Maybe go for 7735hs if you want to use it for more than Blue Iris. That bumps the price up some but it still should come...
  6. bp2008

    BI hardware question

    Push notifications to android almost certainly go out on TCP port 443 (HTTPS) to Google's messaging service. The Blue Iris android app talks to Blue Iris's web server which is TCP port 81 by default but you can configure that however you want, and could access it via port forwarding, VPN...
  7. bp2008

    Limit login sessions to 1 per user

    No to both questions. The only options for per-user session limits are in the "edit user" dialog. Logging off a session automatically when the user logs in elsewhere would be problematic because apps are generally designed to automatically recover lost sessions so you'd end up with them...
  8. bp2008

    Point your PTZ's NORTH tonight....

    Ok, here's my best one. (500x speed)
  9. bp2008

    Could BlueIris 6.0 be around the corner?

    Yes, the cheapest option at that point would be to subscribe to the cheapest support plan extension, which is typically the 1 year renewing plan which you can simply cancel just after the payment goes through so you don't get charged again. Many of us running Blue Iris 5.x are using our old...
  10. bp2008

    Anyone tried these 2mm thermals?

    I have several cheap thermal cameras which perform similarly. They're fun but not super practical. For the still-very-high cost, I think most people would rather just get better cameras or AI accelerators and use AI to improve their alerts rather than a thermal cam.
  11. bp2008

    BI hardware question

    There are lots of free(ish) VMS products. Shinobi Frigate NVR The Blue Iris license is perpetual, you just can't use updates that were released after your support plan expires.
  12. bp2008

    (SOLVED!) Remote Viewing PTZ issue using URL from BI: New PTZ Camera

    I think you logged in with a different user account on the phone since there is no Clips tab showing in that screenshot. Try the 3 buttons in the upper right > Log out, and log in again.
  13. bp2008

    Create separate "dog" channel

    There's a UI setting for this. But no way to set that with a URL parameter. You'd need to pre-configure this setting to open the "First" (top) item in the list when it loads.
  14. bp2008

    Excessive CPU load with newer versions than version of BI

    If your baseline is 85% CPU usage, it really does not take much to bump it up to 100%. 85% is already considered excessive. Here are some things I recommend you do: 1. Check task manager to see how much of the CPU usage is Blue Iris and how much is something else. 2. Make sure direct-to-disk...
  15. bp2008

    What is with these extensive network racks?

    Lol no kidding. For a while I was thinking about running 3 identical servers in a 'proxmox' cluster for virtual machines using "ceph" for distributed storage. Then any one of the servers could fail and the other two would instantly boot up the virtual machines with no data loss. But then I...
  16. bp2008

    What is with these extensive network racks?

    Even when you consider that most of those servers are probably cheap old stuff from ebay, it costs a lot to fill even one rack, let alone 3 or 4 like that guy. And then it costs more over time to run them and keep them cool!! I only got my first rack last year, just a cheap 42U open frame from...
  17. bp2008

    What is with these extensive network racks?

    It's a hobby ;)
  18. bp2008

    disable desktop frames possible?

    It is worth mentioning that newer versions of Blue Iris don't allow dragging cameras from the main view anymore, so I think the drag lock function is only found in older BI versions. In the current Blue Iris, you must click a button to enter "Edit layout" mode in order to drag cameras.
  19. bp2008

    Online appointments

    @Mike should be able to help.
  20. bp2008

    ptz controls not showing in UI3

    The PTZ controls only appear while you're on the "Live View" tab, and you may need to click on the word "PTZ" at the top of the side bar if you've accidentally collapsed it.
  21. bp2008

    This overlay randomly applying itself

    The checkbox to disable Blue Iris's timestamp overlay is on the Video tab. If it is already unchecked and appearing for some other reason (e.g. a bug), you can Edit overlays and just delete the timestamp overlay altogether, then it should be impossible for it to show up in any future thumbnails.
  22. bp2008

    Why do Amazon delivery drivers lie?

    Way too much text. Make it 5 words or less and have a big clear arrow showing which way to go.
  23. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    Sounds like BI bugs in the latest few versions. I haven't seen a problem yet myself.
  24. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    Hi. For #1 you are correct, there is no URL parameter. For #2, I have no idea why it would not work.
  25. bp2008

    best 5g for blue iris

    All 5G home internet services should support inbound connections on IPv6. I'm not sure if Asus routers support IPv6 listening for their VPN servers... If you want IPv4 inbound, it will most likely cost extra monthly if it is available at all, and I couldn't say who makes it available. I'd...
  26. bp2008

    What display do you use ?

    With the extender items he linked above, yes. Note how it mentions "over gigabit ethernet switch" in the name, and TCP/IP in the description. That means they are capturing the incoming HDMI signal, compressing and streaming it over your LAN, then decoding and outputting it as HDMI again on the...
  27. bp2008

    Searching for a router that has a common DHCP and supports VLAN

    @Coltect I'm curious about OpenWRT and how favorably it compares to pfsense. How difficult is it to set up advanced things like the VPNs and VLANs and multiple DHCP servers? Do you need to use a command line interface for anything? I've been a pfsense user for several years. I like that it...
  28. bp2008

    Thoughts on this walkway location - First Camera

    Consider that plant too with regard to camera positioning. If it grows much higher it may block a camera's view or otherwise affect its image quality with strong IR reflection.
  29. bp2008

    Switching from VPN to Port Forwarding.

    Good question. Nothing is perfect, but I'd still trust OpenVPN with weak configuration far more than I'd trust the P2P option. With the P2P route, you are letting your NVR connect to someone else's servers and you can't know what kind of risks that opens you up to. There could be...
  30. bp2008

    Upgrading from BI on Win7 to BI 5.x on Win10

    The cleanest path is certainly to start over from scratch with new configuration. Like just the other day I ended up deleting and re-creating one of my cameras because it was the only way to make its video not freeze when I had audio support enabled for the camera.