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    I hate it when that happens

    Geez. You just HAD to remind me, didn't you. My eyes are still burning after that one.
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    I hate it when that happens

    I think WE are better off because he was in his shorts and not nekkid. :winktongue:
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    Impatient Driver Gets Himself Killed

    Maybe the delivery services have it right. No left turns.
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    East Foothills Fire September 1 2019

    That looks just like a tree fire my son had a while back. A large bird managed to short two power lines and the sparks fell down onto one of his Eucalyptus trees. Those things REALLY burn. :wow: Amazingly, a couple of weeks later that tree looked like nothing every happened.
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    Impatient Driver Gets Himself Killed

    Haste makes idiots.
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    Big Bertha climate extinction

    MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!!
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    You may smell, but I'm ugly, so...

    The possum probably wishes he couldn't smell because he stinks so bad. (Sorry, couldn't help myself).
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    Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 / NVR5216-16P-4KS2

    Yup, that is what I am saying. But it seems to be all of the ports 9-16 that PoE isn't working. At least none of the 4 that I tried. Wayne
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    Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 / NVR5216-16P-4KS2

    I mounted the camera back in it's original location and reconnected it using the original Ethernet cable. Still dis-functional. Then I connected an external 12V power source and the camera came right up and is working as it should. This makes me question the reliability of these NVRs since...
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    Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 / NVR5216-16P-4KS2

    I hope this has not been asked already, but 48 pages is just too much to read and I am not sure exactly what search arguments to use for a search. I have the 5216-16p-4ks2 NVR and I am having some PoE issues with it. I have a total of 9 cameras attached directly to the NVR, and all are PoE...
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    Need experts! Dahua Camera + OpenVPN = 30kbps max?

    I use OpenVPN on my Asus dead spider router and I can get speeds up to 20Mbps. But in all honesty, I had to upgrade to get that. My previous Asus router was MUCH slower, but not as slow as yours. Wayne
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    return or keep dahua nvr?

    If it smells burnt, it is burnt. Return it.
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    Nice Day For A Walk

    People are becoming more less and less civilized every day.
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    Head On collision down the road

    One or two a year?!?!?!? That DEMANDS it's own camera. :wow::D
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    Head On collision down the road

    Any video of it happening?
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    Suspected Hit and Run Vehicle April 12 2019

    Not a scratch on your vehicle, but everything covered by the plastic bumper is caved in. :D
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    Mistakes installing a new cam when you're tired

    btdt. Wayne
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    Spider on Hikvision IP Camera

    Macro focusing. Sweet. Wayne
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    Strange Stop on the Corner

    How come nothing fell out of the trailer????
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    Unusual Pet Being Walked By The House

    I didn't see either one of those people carrying a shovel or garbage bag.
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    If it were my van, I would certainly give it a GOOD cleaning and sanitizing now. Probably have someone else do it too. Wayne
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    Package thief caught by bad ass neighbor Along with a Benny Hill Theme

    Guns will be outlawed, knives will be outlawed, then what? I can see a steep rise in the use of Molotov cocktails. You'll get a pass for burning people to a cinder, but you will spend life in prison for polluting the atmosphere.
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    Engineers bait box

    Probably all of the criminal pieces o crap passing it around so they make sure not to pick one up.
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    NVR5XXX-4KS2 latest new firmware.

    Then there is the Microsoft version of that saying - "If it ain't broke, fix it until it is."
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    That's one way to get down the road.

    Interesting name ya got there 58chev. I did have a Chevy. and a '58 to boot. A DelRay though. The only options were a 283 V8 and a AM radio. I put a lot of miles on that car, and I was the driver when it got hit hard. Four of us guys were all staying at each others for the night, and we...
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    That's one way to get down the road.

    I do have one more Edsel story. Our next door neighbor owned a road construction company, and once my dad and I were working for him on a project about 200 miles to the south of Albuquerque (where we lived at the time). One night I was driving back to Albuquerque in that old Edsel and I got...
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    suspicious vehicle - looks like they wanted to steal my package

    The nextdoor for our neighbor hood has become nothing more than people trying to sell their crap, and lost dogs and cats. I am still wondering how a small neighborhood like this has so many damn lost cats and dogs.
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    That's one way to get down the road.

    It does remind me of the time my girl friend (now my wife) and I went to the drive in movie in my 1958/59 Edsel. It was actually a 1958 demonstrator so had some of the new features of the 1959. It had this electrically operated push button transmission shifting stuff in the middle of the...