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  1. J

    Adding cams; UPS/Switch in the garage ok?

    8 port UniFi POE switch with 600VA UPS. In the garage in northern Nevada where temps are similar to the OP. Two years and not a hiccup.
  2. J

    Reason 4,986 to lock your doors at all times

    Where I'm from we used to leave our homes unlocked and our keys in the ignition. Woke up a couple of times to see my truck gone but wasn't worried - someone needed it and it was returned with a full tank of gas. Now? Hell no! World's gone to chit. As for CCW, my wife and I both have one and...
  3. J

    BI v5.0.4.4 continually restarting

    Working fine here.
  4. J

    Vehicle detection and platerecognizer.com

    When vehicle detection is enabled will be able to not send an alert to platerecognizer.com unless a vehicle was detected? And, send the frame that triggered the alert to platerecognizer.com?
  5. J

    Sneaky Law Enforcement LPR — the Internet’s Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver
  6. J

    Can't understand why CPU usage is so high

    I use TightVNC to remote into two headless computers. And, it’s free. From outside of my LAN, I use a VPN.
  7. J

    Look at all these cameras

    Eh hmmm
  8. J

    Please look at my situation and advise

    @SouthernYankee is a member of this forum.
  9. J

    Your thought on the new feature: Daily Smart Report

    I don’t want this. If I’m paying for Sentry then I only want alerts on the BI app that have been processed through Sentry. On the console, yes. If something happened I can always go back and review my continuous recordings.
  10. J

    Disabling Windows Updates: All or just video drivers?

    I have an NTP server that’s local. My question still is if I block BI computer from Internet will push messages work?
  11. J

    Disabling Windows Updates: All or just video drivers?

    If I block BI computer from Internet how do push messages get sent? I do use a VPN on our phones.
  12. J

    Camera suggestions for Access Control using OpenALPR

    Yeah, just don’t like the looks of the bullet, trying to keep somewhat low profile.
  13. J

    Plate Recognizer for ALPR

    It’s a 5231 turret and I think you’re right that it doesn’t have enough zoom. Thanks.
  14. J

    Camera suggestions for Access Control using OpenALPR

    I’m using the IPC-HDW5231R and I don’t think it has enough zoom. Thanks.
  15. J

    Plate Recognizer for ALPR

    I’m trying to use a IPC-HDW5231R-ZE for ALPR with playerecognizer.com and it is not at all working for me. Any suggestions?
  16. J

    Camera suggestions for Access Control using OpenALPR

    I would like to install one of these but would prefer a turret.
  17. J

    $2M House Install (est. 1925)

    Beautiful home! How did they run the electrical for the two carriage lamps flanking the front door?
  18. J

    Stop turning my Smart light's off - Shelly solution

    While I don’t have Hue lights, I do have a Fibaro LED controller for my under eave LED strips. It is connected to a Z-Wave in-wall switch in my garage. I wrote an event that if the switch was turned off, it would turn it back on. Many ways to skin a cat (and I have two cats). Good idea with...
  19. J

    Cannot connect Amazon Alexa and Blue Iris

    How do you want to use Alexa? Curious.
  20. J

    New camera install; looking to hire out and seeking advice

    I had low voltage electricians install some of my cameras. I supplied the Cat5e and cameras. I watched them as they installed the Ethernet cable, made sure the runs were good using a meter before plugging into my POE switches and had them install the camera bases. I installed the cameras from...
  21. J

    Blue Iris UI3

    Looking to replace a tired laptop whose only function is to display UI3. Would this work...
  22. J

    Camera live view lag

    Maybe way off base here but what is the interval in each of your cameras to update its time by NTP? Could it be that the cameras’ internal clocks aren’t accurate and when they request an update from an NTP server that they and your Blue Iris machine are now in sync?
  23. J

    [tool] [tutorial] Free AI Person Detection for Blue Iris

    I just upgraded and had to set the input folder and the web server port for DeepStack. The input path was blank and the url was set to the default, port 81 and I am using 80.
  24. J

    Sentry charged my card for 3 years of service...

    I’ll be calling them on Tuesday. What upset me is that I’m only 6 months into my original purchase.
  25. J

    Sentry charged my card for 3 years of service...

    and I’m still deciding if I want it. I purchased a year in March and now my rate is locked in for another 3 years? No email, nothing. Found it while reviewing my statement.
  26. J

    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    I want our oldest granddaughter to finish college. She has one year under her belt but opted out for a semester because she didn’t have enough money and she didn’t tell anyone. She would be the first in her family to graduate and we’ve committed to making sure the financial stress is removed.
  27. J

    Do you record 24/7 or just motion?

    Outdoors, 24/7 with Motion Alerts. Inside sometimes. Our H/A system changes our inside cameras based on whether we are home and the house is awake - no continuous recording or motion; we are home and the house is asleep - motion but not continuous recording; we are not at home - continuous...
  28. J

    Combine Camera Feeds?

    Is there a way to arrange the camera feeds in a particular order so the single stream, say, shows the outside in a sequential order? Edit-> Answered my question. Sort of. I was having a problem in that one camera wouldn’t show in UI3 unless I put in between 2 larger framed cameras. The camera...
  29. J

    The camera that mistook a person for a car!

    We were at a Walmart in the Ozarks just before hunting season. There were multiple aisles of camouflage clothing. We were leaving with our groceries and bumped into a man wearing camouflage who entered through the exit door. I said “Sorry, didn’t see you”. He just looked at me.
  30. J

    Canadian catch

    Amazing number of resources for a property crime. Love cuffing the suspect with his backpack still on.