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  1. davw

    Relocating a camera?

    unable to move the hole. any suggestions of trunking etc
  2. davw

    Relocating a camera?

    I have a IPC-HDW5231R-ZE camera mounted on an external side wall of my property. The camera is mounted over the hole in the wall where the cable exits. I want to lower the height of the camera as its currently at 10ft high and bringing it down to 6ft high should get better face shots. The wall...
  3. davw

    WTS Dahua 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera (SD49225T-HN) - London,UK

    Selling this Dahua PTZ camera. No longer needed due to a change of circumstances Comes complete with Dahua Wall Bracket.( http://pl.dahuasecurity.com/products/pfb305w-13691.html ) £200 plus delivery or collection from London/Herts/Heathrow
  4. davw

    Dahua NVR not recording Events

    that may have done the trick.thank you
  5. davw

    Dahua NVR not recording Events

    thank you i do have the region defined on the nvr. only 1 camera has a sd card in - not sure if that should make any difference. will try the factory reset
  6. davw

    Dahua NVR not recording Events

    Still need help with this please. will post some screenshots from NVR
  7. davw

    Dahua NVR not recording Events

    still can't get this working. any help much appreciated.
  8. davw

    Dahua NVR not recording Events

    Thanks will check that out. The NVR has no ivs but the cameras do.
  9. davw

    Dahua NVR not recording Events

    I have a NVR DH-NVR5208 with IPC-HDW5231R-ZE IPC-HDW5231R-Z What am I doing wrong? I am not able to record on the NVR any "events". Have set up motion detect event but it does not seem to be recording these. Just the standard 24/7 recordings. I have previously had this working fine ( when I...
  10. davw

    Carelessness cost me...I got hit...

    cheeky git. he is going to get caught
  11. davw

    Review-Dahua Starlight IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 800 meter capable ePOE

    the unifi injector seems to work(during my 5 mins test :)
  12. davw

    Dahua PTZ SD42C212T-HN(-S2)

    Anyone know anything about this one NVR, DVR,Special DVR, Network Camera, HD-SDI Camera, PTZ Dome Camera, Analog Camera, Compression Card, NVS, Traffic Surveillance - Dahua Technology SD42C212T-HN(-S2)
  13. davw

    Review-Dahua Starlight IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 800 meter capable ePOE

    Looking to connect via POE injector or DC Power Any advantage/disadvantage of either type? Can I use the POE injector that came with a Unifi LR?
  14. davw

    Dahua DH-IPC-HFW2200R-Z/VF

    Any reviews on the DH-IPC-HFW2200R-Z ? cheers
  15. davw

    VPN Primer for Noobs

    looking for ideas..
  16. davw

    Is this a good deal - DH IPC HFW4300EP

    DAHUA DH IPC HFW4300EP / PFA121 Wall/Ceiling Mount Back Box | eBay Couldnt find this camera online is 1.3mp too rubbish
  17. davw

    Dahua Video Doorbell DB10

    any review on this yet?
  18. davw

    Another UK novice

    hi another uk novice here ( london area ) do you have dahua stockists?
  19. davw

    NVR, Raspberry Pi, PiVPN

    Got a Dahua IP camera and NVR - wanting to access video away from home network. Looks like VPN is best way. UK user on VirginMedia so stuck with their router. Thinking of getting a Raspberry Pi and installing PiVPN or similar. Is this the best way? Where does the RPi sit - I have router>POE...
  20. davw

    Bricked a DH-NVR5208 - help

    @Roman G - Any ideas how to fix this? Getting nothing via Serial port. Does anyone want this unit for cheap?(UK)
  21. davw

    how to remotely access another computer

    i use teamviewer
  22. davw

    Dahua NVR - DAHUA DH-NVR 4108

    Roman thanks - I thought it was good value. do you think its too old and basic
  23. davw

    Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 / NVR5216-16P-4KS2

    Anyone in London, UK area available to help???
  24. davw

    Dahua NVR - DAHUA DH-NVR 4108

    thank you i already have the POE and spare HDD is the lack of h.265 an issue? is it going to be slow/glitchy because its a cheap machine? thanks DHI-NVR4104H
  25. davw

    DAHUA NVR - Holis?? are they the same

    seen this at a good price is it the same as a dahua http://www.holisnvr.com/pdfs/Holis-4-Channel-NVR_ds_r03_lt_en.pdf is it any good? is it better than DAHUA DH-NVR 4108H ?? thank you
  26. davw

    Dahua NVR - DAHUA DH-NVR 4108

    is this a good nvr 8CH IP 1920P 1U NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER DAHUA DH-NVR 4108H 5MPIX PROMOTION NEW !! | eBay thanks for your help
  27. davw

    Dahua NVR5816-16P-4KS2 update

    my apologies. best of luck
  28. davw

    Dahua NVR5816-16P-4KS2 update

    following... try serial cable