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  1. J

    Recordings stopped

    That helped it was there was no db after blue iris somehow it was gone. Thanks
  2. J

    Recordings stopped

    I changed my hard drive out and copied everything over to the new one everything was working. After a few days the recordings stopped and I was only able to view a picture. When I went in found the storage drives full and once I deleted some clips it started recordings again. Again today noticed...
  3. J

    POE flood light with "passthrough to IP camera"

    @bc99 They also have a 20 watt poe floodlight
  4. J

    IR illuminator

    Poe Ir PL-PoE-IR-6w PoE IR Illuminator ( mode B 24v ) with 802.3af passthru
  5. J

    4 in 1 IP Cameras

    Maybe this will work for powering 4 cams with poe https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0198H6EUK/?coliid=I1829D26JP3D7G&colid=2UUSBPH0PE5HF&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  6. J

    IR Illumination - PoE

    They have a board you can use on your own choice of lights. PL-POE-kit OEM PoE Conversion Kit
  7. J

    PoE Infrared Light

    These are pass thru so you can use the camera cable PL-PoE-IR-6w PoE IR Illuminator ( mode B 24v ) with 802.3af passthru
  8. J

    IR Illumination - PoE

    You can get these pass thru PL-PoE-IR-6w PoE IR Illuminator ( mode B 24v ) with 802.3af passthru
  9. J

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    I have found that the card disappears and a reboot or sometimes 2 it will show back up.
  10. J

    Dahua & Blue Iris: who controls your motion detection?

    It's a toss up with ivs you have to set target ssizes properly or it'll trigger shadows. My ptz cams work with the Get events with PullPointSubscription But the domes I had to set up onvif to get some to work. Bi will show as an external alarm but sometimes it misses it
  11. J

    Dahua & Blue Iris: who controls your motion detection?

    Some of the cameras will work with Get events with PullPointSubscription It depends on firmware best bet is to watch the videos on zone crossing and learn it. That works with any camera
  12. J

    Dahua & Blue Iris: who controls your motion detection?

    It's for personal use. I started with BI with cheap 720 cameras. But night vision was only good for about 30ft cause there's no lighting around. When I found the Dahua starlight cams I started replacing them. Decided before I put the cams up I would put 64gb cards in them and learned the ivs...
  13. J

    Dahua & Blue Iris: who controls your motion detection?

    I have BI recording 24/7 and zone crossing setup for alerts. Then the Dahua cams i set up the ivs to record to the memory cards in the cameras. Then i also setup a Dahua Nvr recording 24/7. I have almost 30 cams and should have a total of 3 recordings for an event if needed
  14. J

    Blue Iris UI3

  15. J

    Blue Iris UI3

    There was something about newer being signed so you can't go back
  16. J

    Blue Iris UI3

    Yes from Andy, but read that you can't go back on firmware easily
  17. J

    Blue Iris UI3

    I seen it some where here some one posted. If I only had few cams wouldn't hurt it's because 20+ Here's pics of cam setting on all streams and bi for same cam at 30 It's address 150 1st substream is for smart pss app 2nd substream not even enabled
  18. J

    Blue Iris UI3

    That's my problem No matter what you set the Cams for they do 30 fps. Except for the ptz and varifocals. Here's pic of BI staus page. No matter what they are set for in the cameras they show 30 8n Bi
  19. J

    Blue Iris UI3

    Yes i have to use "Limit decoding unless required" I have 20+ cameras and all are Dahua so all the dome cams i can't set the fps. I set them to 15 in the camera but there stuck at 30 with BI. If i turn off "Limit decoding unless required" on the cams i have on cpu goes to 100 Cause of the...
  20. J

    Blue Iris UI3

    I have been having BI tools sending me emails and rebooting BI cause cpu going to 100% and have been trying all the memory leak drivers. I found out if i leave the ui3 open on a computer is what's causing the cpu to climb to 100% so that it gets rebooted. Within few minutes of opening ui3 the...
  21. J

    Dahua SD59225U-HNI and IVS

    try turning smart codec off
  22. J

    Dahua SD59225U-HNI Going rogue

    what are the min & max settings? for the target filter Looks like you need to try adjusting them
  23. J

    Power For IR Illuminators

    why not use this PL-PoE-IR-6w PoE IR Illuminator ( mode B 24v ) with 802.3af passthru there's a few different models i have there regular motion sensor lights. the model i have uses the same cable for the camera and powers both
  24. J

    Firmware Downgrade

    Is there an easy way to change firmware backwards? I have 28 Dahua cams on Blue Iris and it locked up today. I have all the cams set at 15 fps but seems that the fps bug is happening to every cam i have except the PTZ's. There all a mix of 5231, 4231's every one of them says there running...
  25. J

    IVS setup help

    @catcamstar with dahua cams my nvr pushes the ivs to the cam (can see directly thru the cam web page) but the nvr will let me do ivs with other manufacturers so those must work thru the nvr.
  26. J

    I need a 12 volt NVR or DVR

    there 6 or 700 cold cranking amp car batteries the customer bought at sears auto center. I would have to go out the the garage tomorrow to verify.
  27. J

    I need a 12 volt NVR or DVR

    I have an empty building that i take care of for a out of state customer. So that i didn't have to drive an hour each way to go check the building several times a week i set up a system off of 12 volt car batteries. There are 4 batteries hooked up running everything and get about 10 days...
  28. J

    Dahua 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera (SD49225T-HN)

    I've found that both of my lenovo 4k laptop's do this. But my computer's with a 1080 display work fine.
  29. J

    Ubiquiti US-24-250w fan noise?

    I have 3 of these switches. Was surprised how loud they were when they get warm. I have There pro gateway, 2- switches, nvr, and BI Server running in a closet That is kept at 70 degrees and i can hear them down the hall with the door closed. There reading 49C and a fan level of 70. Any idea how...
  30. J

    Dahua 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera (SD49225T-HN)

    It has a motion sensor and its only when dark. There's 3 different settings. I have both wattages and use them behind my garage with my cams