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    Need Opinions for the Best Way to Install more cameras

    Hey All I currently have two cameras on my system an AXIS camera that is on the driveway and hikvison camera that is inside the garage. They both have cat 6 ran to a POE switch and the network cable is hooked into a TP Link since the garage is not connected to the house. I've decided I want to...
  2. House 2 with drawing

    House 2 with drawing

  3. Garage


  4. House 1

    House 1

  5. Back House

    Back House

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    Best Camera?

    So I have currently an AXIS camera and 2 hikvison cameras. I really love the quality of the axis cameras but they are pretty spendy for a residential use. In your opinion what do you feel is the best quality camera that wont break the bank but will provide good quality. I'm talking PTZ, bullet...
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    Axis Camera Station

    So I installed AXIS camera station on a PC I had laying around to use it as my main NVR and it will work for a while and then when the PC does an update and I try to reboot the camera station client it gives me an error saying local axis camera station server is not started. Start local server...
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    POE Question

    So currently I have 2 cameras on my network and I am going to be adding 2 more. The existing 2 cameras I have one placed indoors to watch the garage and then one on the exterior of the garage to watch the driveway. I am going to be replacing the driveway camera with a better camera and then...
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    Generic NVR

    Does anyone know if there is a generic NVR that you can purchase on the market that will allow you to load your own software? I currently have a hikvison NVR but I am fed up with it and I just got a license for the AXIS Camera Station. Would it be possible to setup a regular computer as an NVR...
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    Hikvision DS-2CD3132F-IWS

    I did and still no save button.
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    Hikvision DS-2CD3132F-IWS

    Hello, I have a hikvison camera and I can not get the night/day mode to save. When I go to adjust the settings their is no save button. Please see the attached image. Any help is appreciated.
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    Nvr ds-7616ni-e2

    I currently have V3.0.8 build 140825 on this NVR is this the current version or is their a newer version.
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    Need some help figuring out an issue.

    The driveway camera is far away from the router and I have repeaters through out the house. The driveway camera is mounted on the garage so I do not belive it is the WIFI.
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    Need some help figuring out an issue.

    Hello, I have a Hikvision NVR (Model Number DS-7616NI-E2) and yesterday I added two Hikvison Dome Cameras Model Numbers of DS-2CD3132F-IWS Firmware of 5.3.3. I used the SDAP tool assign the appropriate gateway and IP Address ( I am not a GRU with IP Addresses) and then set them to WIFI and then...