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    Hikvision camera 2xx6 G2 (C) model enables Motion detection by default

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking for an advice regarding what could be wrong with one of the cameras I installed lately. The model is Ds-2cd2346g2-I (C). Fw installed is 5.5.800 build 210628. The camera somehow enables motion detection by itself. Im also suspicious whether hik-connect app could do...
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    ColorVu DS-2CD2347G2-L White light not turning on

    Hey guys, trying to get this behavior solved somehow. We have got 3 of the DS-2CD2347G2-L ColorVu 2.0 cameras. The Day/Night switch is giving us a headache a little bit. When using Image Parameter Switch function it does switch the MODE in drop-down box (Under Config>Image>Display Settings) but...
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    Ip cam stopped working - network abnormal

    Hello everyone, I have been looking around and reading posts here with same error but none seem to be my issue. Nvr 7600ni-k2 without poe. Poe switch. Nvr and cameras go to poe switch. All was working fine. Cameras have their ip and port set on same subnet as nvr. Nvr connected to...
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    Hikvision NVR does not detect long distance IP Camera

    So this got resolved ‍♂️ It was pin7 on one of the RJ45 connectors. Funny enough the basic utp tester (only leds coming up) was lighting up just fine indicating no issues. I asked my supplier to lend me the IP Cam tester with screen etc. This then showed length is alright so I knew cable is not...
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    Hikvision NVR does not detect long distance IP Camera

    Did you get it fixed? Im facing same issue. 6 cameras of 8mpx connected. Longest cable around 90m. Nvr poe ports set to "long distance". 5 cameras come up fine, one stuck on "discovering ip cam" (shortest distance approx 20m). Picture won't come up. PoE manager shows there is power consumption...
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    DS-KD8003 not accepting username and password

    Hey guys, so I got the device back from the service center. They claimed to have successfully reset the password and that unit works fine. But I connected it at home, used the provided password and got INCORRECT PASSWORD message. So I asked to reset it for me hoping it would work this time. But...
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    DS-KD8003 not accepting username and password

    Password reset is not gonna work. We did that three times with local hikvision support. The unit itself has been accepted by hikvision service center and is being checked physically
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    DS-KD8003 not accepting username and password

    Hello, no not yet. It's been in a service for a week now directly at Hikvision Czech Republic. But my distribution partner has also received same unit with identical issue. I suspect the fw is to blame and that there must have been some "hacker" attack or something. Let's see what they say
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    DS-KD8003 not accepting username and password

    Hey everyone, I have been fighting whole day today with my DS-KD8003-IME1/EU version. It has stopped working some day or days ago. I went to LIVE VIEW on my indoor station screen and got Username/Password message and no live view. I went to iVMS and opened Remote config. I planned to upgrade FW...