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    Problem Installing BlueIris on Windows 10 x64

    I am attempting to install the latest version of BI (have also tried prior versions) onto a Windows 10 x64 machine. After I have selected the choice for x64 OS and the install begins, I get a popup error dialog box that says "Feature Transfer Error, Component x64 cannot be found" Here is a copy...
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    Please upgrade Blue Iris to version v4.3.9.5 or above to be compatible with Reolink

    That is what ReoLink is telling all camera owners. So the question is, after I do the upgrade, do I have to re-setup all of my cameras, or will the changes to the ReoLink profile be updated as well?
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    How to delete or rename a group

    So I unwittingly created a new group that has the same name as one of the cameras. The apparently confuses the web interface because when I click on the camera that has the same name as the group, it shows the group, not the single camera. There is an actual entry for the group showing in the...
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    Hardware Acceleration and running BI as a service under Windows 7

    Has there been any progress in resolving this issue?
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    Does anyone have a download link for version

    Does anyone have a download link for version (either the update or the full version)? I do not seem to have the installer from when I installed that version and would like to have a copy to keep around in case I need to rollback since that version is what I am running now and it has...
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    Where are Alerts stored?

    My Alerts directory is empty, but I still show tons of alerts in the BI software. So where are they being stored? Thanks, Carlton
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    Erroneous disk full message?

    I received an alert email this morning from BI: 12/24/2015 2:00:01 AM Sideyard: Clip: Disk full (0) 12/24/2015 2:00:01 AM StreetR: Clip: Disk full (0) 12/24/2015 2:00:01 AM StreetL: Clip: Disk full (0) I don't understand why I would get this. I checked the drive and it...
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    Web Browser Interface

    What does the 'auto' checkbox in the clips viewing area of the web browser interface for BI do? Thanks, Carlton