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    BI5 upgrade: my experience

    I purchased BI4 during the free upgrade to BI5 period, and upgraded to BI5 a couple of days ago. BI handles the recording for 2 of my "sub-par" security cameras over RTSP. The software install was pretty straightforward: I went to the BI website, downloaded the BI5 executable, shutdown BI4...
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    Technological inferiority that prevailed

    Know of any products that were not as good technologically that prevailed? e.g. The VHS videotape standard (compared to the Betamax standard around the same time). Superior sales/marketing often plays a major role in their adoption and survival, not the tech specs. Sent using Tapatalk
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    Amazon Package Thiefs

    Amazon Package thief in my neighborhood: Package thief Sent using Tapatalk
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    The rant against Ring

    I've seen a number of valid concerns against Ring (and Cloud security cameras in general) posted in various threads here, but one aspect that makes Ring appealing to the masses has not been publicized/mentioned: the Neighbors (app by Ring) community. Enabling a neighbor to easily share a video...
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    Incomplete motion detection recordings/segments

    I bought and use BlueIris x64 (Verison 5 eligible) recently. Camera is a $50 V380 LED Bulb with security camera. Using rtsp:// as the URL in BlueIris (with admin and password). Video mostly comes in nicely in the Live View, but when it records motion, it leaves...