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  1. pmcross

    H.View Camera

    Has anyone ever heard of or tested H.View cameras? This looks like a decent camera, I just can't find the LUX specification though. Just looking to see if anyone here knows anything good/bad about these...
  2. pmcross

    Different Way to Transport Server.............

    This is the first time that I've ever seen a server transported this way. This was an old server that one of my clients asked me to dispose of. I scrapped it for parts, pulled the 5 HDD's, memory and RAID controller, and then set it at the bottom of my yard. There are usually people that pick up...
  3. pmcross

    Unsuccessful logins Alert

    Does anyone know of a tool, or a way natively to send alerts (email, etc.) for when someone tries logging into BI via web browser or mobile app that are unsuccessful? I've looked into BI Tools as well as the options inside of BI, but I haven't seen anyway to do this. I was just curious to see if...
  4. pmcross

    Home Assistant Receiving Motion Alert From Blue Iris

    Looking for advise here. I was able to follow this video on how to make Alexa work as a media player in Home Assistant. I also created a card to send text to speech to Alexa. I am having trouble getting it to trigger or execute however. What I'd like to do is to have an http command sent to Home...
  5. pmcross

    Finch Steals Spider's Meal

  6. pmcross

    Bitrate Advice

    I’ve been having a disk latency issue recently that I believe has to do with running too high of a bitrate on my cameras. I’m looking to see what others run as their bitrate. I know that this varies by megapixel, etc. but I’m just looking for a common consensus from everyone to see if others run...
  7. pmcross

    Advice for Installing LED Floodlights

    I am going to be installing a dual head floodlight to light up my back driveway. I am looking for advice on the best place to mount the light. I have included a picture of the garage. I was thinking that it would be best to mount the lights in the middle of the garage below the basketball hoop...
  8. pmcross

    High Winds in PA Damages Awning

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  9. pmcross

    Color Night Settings Advice Needed

    I need some advice with optimizing my settings on my Amcrest Cameras for color mode at night. I have tweaked some of the settings already by reading others advice on this forum such as 3DNR, etc. which has really helped. The front driveway image has a light mounted next to the camera with a 60...
  10. pmcross

    Using PTZ Verifocal Camera as LPR

    Hi all, I know that this is a stretch but I’m curious to see if anyone else has been able to use a PTZ with a verifocal lens as a LPR for vehicles traveling both directions instead of using two cameras. What I’m thinking is that this could be achieved by having two presets, one for cars...
  11. pmcross

    Need help optimizing night vision on Amcrest camera

    Hi All, I have a 3 Mp Amcrest camera that I need some advise on improving night vision on. I currently run BI and Sighthound for 10 cameras. I have been able to optimize night vision on my other cams by turning 3D NR down to 33% from 50% for the night profile. This however didn’t improve the...
  12. pmcross

    Nest Cam Streaming in BI issues

    i have two Nest cams, both configured in BI via RTMPS. Recently my one Nest Cam has been having issues. It will stream fine in BI for a while, FPS and throughput are normal. Then all of the sudden the FPS drops to 0 and the throughput doesn’t change and the image “freezes” for lack of a better...