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    Got Graffiti'ed

    Unfortunately still can't afford a setup. Paid the price with Graffiti over the weekend right outside my side door. I now look out onto graffiti less than 10 foot from my back door. Haven't posted a still picture so as to not give the "artist" any media exposure which is what they ultimately...
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    Interesting DIY solution to security cameras

    Old video now (1yr) but an interesting approach to DIY'ing security cameras. Only failure is the suggested use of port forwarding! At least someone pulled him up on it:
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    Aliexpress - Safe to Buy From?

    Just a quick off topic question as not related to cameras, but is it safe to buy from Aliexpress and has anyone done this had positive / negative experiences? I need an accessory for my car and can't seem to locate it elsewhere. thanks in advance.
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    Black Hat Conference Talk on Security Cameras!

    Not sure if this has been posted before, and slightly old now, but an interesting insight into the vulnerabilities from a guy who used to work hacking cameras for the NSA!:
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    Any decent doorbell cameras yet?

    Everyone I've seen up to now has massively wide lens angles (great for an overview but terrible for identification), poor quality compared to leading CCTV cams and a lack of connectivity - very few seem to have both an app with wifi recording and a LAN connection. Personally, I'd take 110-120...
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    CES 2019 - Plethora of new Video Doorbells

    Plethora of new video door bells & home cctv cameras announced / shown at CES 2019: The smart home security cameras of CES 2019 Click arrows on pictures to scroll through the list
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    New Ring Camera for Internal Use

    Actually it's waterproof as well. Interesting concept - has a 110db remotely activated siren built in so if you spot someone you can...
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    Lot of site errors

    Hi Fenderman, Just a heads up, I'm suffering a lot of site errors. The error message is "An unexpected Database Error has Occurred. Please try again later" This is intermingled with occasional slow page responses. I'm on 35mbs Fibre so the slow pages shouldn't be my end.
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    IPC-HDW5231R-Z Discontinued!!!

    The Dahua Website appears to show the 5231R-Z has been discontinued: If that wasn't bad enough, the current lineup appears to show Turret cameras being discontinued entirely in favour of domes...
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    Wyze Cam v2 - Anyone Tested - $19.99 - good reviews!

    Just wondered if anyone has tested this camera I came across during a google search, as it's ridiculously cheap - $19.99, 1080P and seem to have very good reviews: WyzeCam: Buy Now $19.99 Definitely indoor only, but might be an alternative to the Hikvision cube. Sounds interesting, especially...
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    IP Cam Talk Web Server Problems?

    Hi, Not sure if you have a server issue Fender but for the last few days I'm finding connections to IP Cam Talk problematic. Sometimes it takes ages for google to resolve the address. Other times I can be on IP Cam Talk and it's seemingly working fine and click on a thread link and nothing...
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    Latest Sony Sensor List

    Interesting list of Sony Sensors. What's really interested is the sensor everyone on here is gravitating towards, the IMX185LQJ is actually towards the bottom of the list suggesting it's quite old, and there are STARVIS sensors with 4K and 8.3mp specifications available. Wonder why Dahua / HIK...
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    Hi, Another newbie from the UK

    Hi, I'm another Newbie from the UK. Been following CCTV systems for a long time, but not in the past few years. Buy have things changed with IVS etc. Looking forwards to learning / receiving advice.