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    Is anyone installing these yet? Possible essential service? Reviews?
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    Wireless HDMI

    I Came across this product and wondering if anyone has any experiences with it? Seems like it may be a possible solution for certain installs.
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    Warehouse install

    26 camera install at my uncle’s warehouse with Over 500 ft cable runs.
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    Bullet camera spider web issues.

    Installed this 2 years ago. Went back today to install a couple more TURRETS and fix this.
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    My camera install car got robbed

    This happened to me last night. Looks like I’m upgrading my crappy cameras finally. I have lots of starlights in stock too. Also won’t be leaving a $600 Dewalt hammer drill in my car anymore.
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    Connecting Hikvision ip cams to a Dahua POE Nvr?

    Happy Holidays everyone! I have a question. Im trying to add some Hikvision ip/Poe cameras to a Dahua POE nvr, but I see nothing. Is this even possible without a PoE/lan switch?
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    My new replacement DH-IPC-HDW2431T-AS budget cams

    Just ordered in some new budget DH-IPC-HDW2431T-AS cameras from Andy to replace my old Dahua N41BK22 I've had for many years. Did some day/night comparison snapshots and thought i would share . I also have some extra IPC-HDW2231R-ZS and IPC-T5241H-AS-PV kicking around for a upcoming install i...
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    DH-IPC-PDBW5831N-B360 Camera install

    Some pics of a DH-IPC-PDBW5831N-B360 install. Camera came from Andy.
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    IPC-HDBW2231R-ZS paint job

    some pics of a paint job I'm doing for a local install. need 3 cams painted black. tape it and a light sanding with 220 grit clean it off and paint. Used some Vaseline for the small sensor hole. Q-tip to get it out and a paint pen for touch ups.
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    Post your must have installation tools

    I will start it off with good old 3M tape.
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    camera placement project

    Doing a camera install at my brother in law's house, so I decided to try out theJVSG demo software first. Here is what I came up with after 2-3hrs of doodling on my computer. thoughts? I think it gives a ok layout representation, other than the camera model is wrong. I'm going with the...
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    Recommendations for PTZ camera?

    Anyone have recommendations for a dahua PTZ with auto tracking, ivs and decent zoom capabilities. Will be going on a NVR with 4 x 2231's. Should i be using a certain NVR? Thanks!
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    Noob blue iris question

    so I have blue iris installed on a designated pc and I have been reading the VPN primer for noobs thread. So I got the openVPN installed on all computers in the house and on my phone and I noticed that my blue iris IP addresses lan and wan have a xx.xx:81 . Does this mean port 81 is...
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    Dome or turret?

    need some opinions on whether I should install a dome here rather than a 2231 turret ? I’m leaning towards dome because it’s in a somewhat rough area of town, street is lit up and it’s kinda covered from rain.
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    IVS Push notifications schedule?

    Is there a way to set a schedule for the IVS push notifications to the idmss app? I have NVR 4108HS-8P-4KS2 from Andy. I've set tripwires, set a schedule in storage menu for IVS from 10:00 pm to 4:00am every day and the IVS box is checked for that period every day, but i still get the...
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    Help with nvr p2p device offline.

    Im having problems at my brothers place, who lives out in the country and has internet via wireless bridge AP on his roof connected to a good Asus router in his office . I installed a Dahua NVR system awhile back and just can’t seem to get the p2p on the idmss app to connect. It says device is...
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    Andy’s fancy cameras install

    recent Andy camera install at a friends work place children’s daycare. Wondering if there’s anyway to brighten up pic of someones face at main door? Always seems to be darker when under a awning.
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    Network nightmare?

    My first 80 + UNV cam installation of a high rise. Hope this goes good
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    Costco install straight out of a unfinished basement

    this was done at both back yard corners of house. Customer liked it.
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    700ft long run epoe build

    So I need to make a 700 ft and a 500 ft cable run at my friends place. He lives out of town and wants to place some cameras on a trail that’s 700 ft away from his house. there’s a 600 ft open field and then approx 100 ft thick tree line. He also wants a couple cams at the end of his long windy...
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    Interference lines from led lights?

    I am getting horizontal interference lines running through my picture on some cameras in corridors where they are installing new bright led lighting above my cameras. I was thinking electrical interference but my wires are not near the electrical wires. Electrician is running his lights and...
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    Some pics of this weeks install

    20 outside perimeter bullets and 50 inside turrets
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    Do you hide your hard drive?

    Thoughts? good to plan this before starting an install. I believe its a good idea to hide it for security reasons, after all its the heart of the system and if its stolen your evidence is gone. I do it in many installs if possible.
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    Looking for software that supports 80 cameras.

    Just curious if anyone could recommend some software that supports 80 cameras?
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    Gone Fishing.

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    Doorbell cam install

    This is my second time doing a doorbell install on brick, so i though i would share some pics. I believe this is a hikvision doorcam rebranded and its wired to the old doorbell system 16Vac-24Vac. Drilling the dreaded 3/4" hole beside wires.
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    Hybrid build

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    Dahua cam setup without nvr.

    Is it possible to setup one Dahua ip camera to my network without a nvr by using smart pss, but still use the Dahua mobile phone app iDMSS and access playback via phone with push notifications etc? Or do I need blue iris?
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    dome install pics

    these wiremold boxes seem to work ok for dome cameras. I couldnt find anything else at the local homedepot. anyway no more 1" holes into brick
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    Caution! Cows will chew on your wire!

    Couple barn jobs I had recently. Cows actually started chewing through a 200 ft run of our wire in multiple places. my helper had gottin a little to far ahead of me.:facepalm: