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    LTS LTH-7132-WIFI Doorbell Camera

    I installed the LTS LTH-7132-WIFI camera about a week ago. Here’s a summary of my opinion. Installation was very simply and straight forward. Doorbell camera mounting plate is screwed into the wall using 2 wood screws. The camera is secured to the plate with 2 small screws. If to grab the...
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    LTS LTH-7132-WIFI Doorbell Camera

    Thank you!
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    LTS LTH-7132-WIFI Doorbell Camera

    I’m running Blue Iris v4 There is no specific camera listed under LTS and/or LaView since it’s a rebranded LaView. Thoughts or any suggestions which camera option I should be selecting? Thanks in advance.
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    Blue Iris IOS v1.63.10 no longer connecting to my BI remotely

    Thank you for the info. My system is back up and operational.
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    Blue Iris IOS v1.63.10 no longer connecting to my BI remotely

    I'm running Blue Iris v4 at home on my i7 computer and running the BI IOS v1.63.10 on my iPhone for 3+ years. My internet provider reset my router by reseting the router back to its default settings over the weekend and now I can't access my BI v4 remotely using the IOS v1.63.10 app. I've...
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    Door Bell Cameras Supported by Blue Iris

    Are there any door bell cameras supported by Blue Iris? Thank you in advance!
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    Uniview IPC3235ER3-DUVZ28

    Anyone have experience with the Uniview IPC3235ER3-DUVZ28? Does Blue Iris support them? It’s a variable focal length camera from 2.7-13.5mm. Sells in Canada for $280CDN. I currently have a combination of both LTS and HIKVISION cameras for my security system. The Uniview has a great price...
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    4 watt IR illuminator comparison

    Does the IR illumination panels negatively affect the cameras at night? With the additional IR illumination panels, will it allow the camera's to produce/capture a better video at night - say 20' away?
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    4 watt IR illuminator comparison

    Thank you for the detailed comparison. Do the IR light panels affect the cameras at night?
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    BIT email test throws error

    I'm also getting a similar error message when the try to send a test email - Send Test Email in the OPTIONS tab? "The message could not be sent to the SMTP server. The transport error code 0x80040217. The server response was not available." I did get a warning email message in my
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    Blue Iris Crashing Frequently

    Fenderman, are you referring to the watchdog tools? Any tutorials or forum threads you can point me to? BI stopped functioning again tonight.
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    Blue Iris Crashing Frequently

    Apologies for my ignorance but how how would I run BI as a service? Where would I find the BI configuration settings to restart it automatically in the event it stops functioning? Thanks in advance!
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    Blue Iris Crashing Frequently

    I have an Intel i7-3770 running at 3.5GHz. Its a fresh installation of Microsoft Windows 7. BI has been running for over 3-1/2 years with no issues at until until about 6 months ago. I thought the problems were caused by just a bad update and hoping it would be fixed on the next but...
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    Blue Iris Crashing Frequently

    I’m running BI v4.8.3.2 w32 and it’s crashing every couple days with the error message Blue Iris has stopped working. It seems to happen when there’s a fair amount of activity triggering the cameras - washing cars on driveway or just doing things in the garage. I have 4 cameras connected to my...
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    Configuring BI to Record 10 seconds vs 5 seconds when Camera is Triggered

    thank you! I've made the changes and will check in the morning.
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    Any coupons / deals on Blue Iris?

    Order it from for $60 CDN which works out to $46 USD. Just meet to place order and they email you the license key. Good luck!
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    Configuring BI to Record 10 seconds vs 5 seconds when Camera is Triggered

    I'd like to change the configuration of BI to record 10 seconds of video when the camera is triggered from the default of 5 seconds? When I go into the camera properties --> record tab --> video = when triggered I've changing video to Triggered + continuous each option. This option results in...
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    B&H Authorized Reseller of Hikvision

    B&H Authorized Reseller of Hikvision fenderman, Your statements are absolutely true. Authorized resellers are just licensed installers. Based on my discussion with HIKIVISION a while back, resellers are not allowed to sell them online...breaches agreement. In the case of BH Photo...
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    Dahua or Hikvision IP Camera

    It's been a while since I've been on the forums. Are you guys serious about HIKVISION going out of business? Will this have an impact on rebranded LTS devices?
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    LTS LTCMIP3042W Camera Option in Blue Iris

    Will both those options allow me to take full advantage of the camera.....all 4MP or will it downgrade it? Thanks!
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    LTS LTCMIP3042W Camera Option in Blue Iris

    I purchased 4 LTS CMIP3042W turret cameras to add to my security system. I do not see the camera listed under the manufacturer LTS or equivalent to HIKVISION. Any suggestions on the which model I should be using? Thank you!
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    Database: Corrupt of disc error: 00000020

    I had the same error message on BI for about a month a while back. It had no impact on the recordings. ....the problem came clear. Not sure if it was after an update.
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    What are people's experience with Aliexpress??

    I'm assuming the Escrow service is probably affiliated with Aliexpress in one way or another. The sellers were deleted from Aliexpress after they were confirmed of suspicious activities. My recourse would be to contact VISA if I did not receive the refund after the specified time by Aliexpress.
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    What are people's experience with Aliexpress??

    There is a lot of discussion on this forum about AliExpress and I'd like to hear about your experiences. I've been buying from eBay for years with the odd issue with the seller. I know there are lots of people on this forum which rather deal with Aliexpress vs eBay. Any issues I've run into...
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    4MP using H.265 codec

    gilkman, Which HIKVISION 4MP camera do you have?
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    Is your cpu handling 4mp in Blue Iris ok?

    I'm running 2 x 3MP i7 3.5GHZ and its no more than 10%. What processor is your computer? Processor speed? Total RAM? Only suggestion is to setup the 4MP cameras setup to test your computer. If it's not capable, then think about replacing it. Good luck!
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    Guidance on Simple outdoor PoE setup

    jimmyz, Like yourself, I had all the same questions. I considered the foscam until fenderman on the forum convinced me to consider the 3MP HIKVISION turret to monitor my driveway. The connector for the RJ45/POE plug is sealed connection which I thought was a nice touch. I'm also running the...
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    Very quick review DS-2CD3345-I

    Is turret from the DS-2CD3345 interchangeable with the older DS-2CD2332 alloy mount? I'm wondering if I can just pull out my 3MP turrets and replace it with the 4MP DS-2CD3345 turret. Once mounted and aimed, how is the DS-2CD3345 turret secured so it doesn't move? The DS-2CD2332 turret uses...
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    HIKVision DS-2CD3345-I ••. Video Compression Standard

    I'm considering the HIKVision DS-2CD3345-I 4MP turrent camera from eBay. It's listed as h.265 / h.264 / MPEG for video. Can some one confirm the video compression standard used by this camera. I just want to make sure it works with my Blue Iris setup. Thank you!
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    H.264+ and H.264 zip

    Just so I understand, h.264+ and h.264 zip is not the same as h.265. Thoughts?