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    Alerts Unreliable

    I have alerts set up on a camera on the front gate of our property. I have the alert set for zones with push notifications to my phone. I set this up a couple of weeks ago and it worked EXACTLY as I wanted. Got notified just like I wanted to. Then, kind of stopped working. I rebooted the server...
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    Post recording time

    I use Milestone at work, I have a "post" recording time after the end of motion. Does Blue Iris have something simular? I see pre trigger buffer, looking for post. In trying Google searches I see things about break but only think I have about break is cut video when triggered with break time...
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    Blue Iris 5 - Stunnel & HTTPS Issues

    New user of Blue Iris, just going through all the videos to configure, specifically the stunnel video. Here is my setup: Server - Windows 10 Patched and updated Blue Iris 5 stunnel 5.55 Netgear Orbi router Android - Essential PH1 on Q Configs: Port forward setup to BI Server - Port 8081 to...