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    CPU increase when HW acceleration ON?

    Hi All, I've encountered a strange increase in CPU consumption recently and hoping someone can help. I've been on BI since version 3 and this is the first time I've seen something like this. Windows 10 on my BI server recently auto updated (build 1803 cumulative updates). After reboot, I noted...
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    Setting 2 types of motion detection in 1 camera?

    Sorry if this has been asked and covered before. I couldn't quite find the answer, so any suggestions are appreciated. I'd like to set some cameras in BI to have different levels of motion detection. For example, for one camera, I would like to have one type of detection which is more...
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    Nov 2019 - Current State of RTSP Doorbells

    Seems like every other day there is someone asking about the best Blue Iris compatible doorbell for the residential market. I'm writing this thread to share my findings so far comparing the current options. This is a continuation from my post on the DB11 here. Many new doorbell cams were...
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    Dahua DB11 Summary - is this best doorbell for now?

    My requirements for a doorbell are probably pretty similar to what most people here are looking for: good visual quality, low light performance, mechanical chime support, POE, wifi optional, RSTP support for BI, open API, not cloud dependent (not ring/nest/most others), easy to install...