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    LTS LTH-7132-WIFI Doorbell Camera

    I installed the LTS LTH-7132-WIFI camera about a week ago. Here’s a summary of my opinion. Installation was very simply and straight forward. Doorbell camera mounting plate is screwed into the wall using 2 wood screws. The camera is secured to the plate with 2 small screws. If to grab the...
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    LTS LTH-7132-WIFI Doorbell Camera

    I’m running Blue Iris v4 There is no specific camera listed under LTS and/or LaView since it’s a rebranded LaView. Thoughts or any suggestions which camera option I should be selecting? Thanks in advance.
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    Blue Iris IOS v1.63.10 no longer connecting to my BI remotely

    I'm running Blue Iris v4 at home on my i7 computer and running the BI IOS v1.63.10 on my iPhone for 3+ years. My internet provider reset my router by reseting the router back to its default settings over the weekend and now I can't access my BI v4 remotely using the IOS v1.63.10 app. I've...
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    Door Bell Cameras Supported by Blue Iris

    Are there any door bell cameras supported by Blue Iris? Thank you in advance!
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    Uniview IPC3235ER3-DUVZ28

    Anyone have experience with the Uniview IPC3235ER3-DUVZ28? Does Blue Iris support them? It’s a variable focal length camera from 2.7-13.5mm. Sells in Canada for $280CDN. I currently have a combination of both LTS and HIKVISION cameras for my security system. The Uniview has a great price...
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    Blue Iris Crashing Frequently

    I’m running BI v4.8.3.2 w32 and it’s crashing every couple days with the error message Blue Iris has stopped working. It seems to happen when there’s a fair amount of activity triggering the cameras - washing cars on driveway or just doing things in the garage. I have 4 cameras connected to my...
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    Configuring BI to Record 10 seconds vs 5 seconds when Camera is Triggered

    I'd like to change the configuration of BI to record 10 seconds of video when the camera is triggered from the default of 5 seconds? When I go into the camera properties --> record tab --> video = when triggered I've changing video to Triggered + continuous each option. This option results in...
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    LTS LTCMIP3042W Camera Option in Blue Iris

    I purchased 4 LTS CMIP3042W turret cameras to add to my security system. I do not see the camera listed under the manufacturer LTS or equivalent to HIKVISION. Any suggestions on the which model I should be using? Thank you!
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    What are people's experience with Aliexpress??

    There is a lot of discussion on this forum about AliExpress and I'd like to hear about your experiences. I've been buying from eBay for years with the odd issue with the seller. I know there are lots of people on this forum which rather deal with Aliexpress vs eBay. Any issues I've run into...
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    HIKVision DS-2CD3345-I ••. Video Compression Standard

    I'm considering the HIKVision DS-2CD3345-I 4MP turrent camera from eBay. It's listed as h.265 / h.264 / MPEG for video. Can some one confirm the video compression standard used by this camera. I just want to make sure it works with my Blue Iris setup. Thank you!
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    H.264+ and H.264 zip

    The newer 4MP cameras from HIKVISION supports h.264+ Can anyone confirm if BI supports h.264+ or h.264 zip? Thank you!
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    Hikvision ds-2cd3942f-i

    I have a DS 2332 monitoring my driveway and front door but looking for a 180 degree camera to monitor the backyard. Just wondering if anyone on this forum have the HIKVISION DS-2CD3942F-I 180 degree camera..
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    Setting Up iVMS-4200 to find HIKVision D2332 Camera

    I've installed the iVMS-4200 software and trying to setup my HIKVISION D2332 camera. The D2332 is listed in the DEVICE MANAGEMENT tab at the bottom of the screen with an IP address of How do I change the IP to match my subnet When I double click on the entry, the...
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    Foscam Runing Specials on Blue Iris v4

    Just a heads up, FOSCAM is running a special on Blue Iris v4 USA: Blue Iris Professional (Digital Key) for $34.99 - use coupon code "IRISBLUEUS"​ Canada: Blue Iris Professional (Digital Key) for $39.99 CDN - use coupon code "IRISBLUECA"​...
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    Best Place to Buy HIK Vision

    Based on the posts in this forum, lots of people are buying the HIV Vision cameras from Aliexpress and eBay simply because of the cost savings. Is there a way tell if they're the real thing or counterfeits? Any suggestion for online retailers who sell the HIK Vision cameras at competitive...
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    Images and Video from HIK Vision DS-2CD2312-I or DS-2CD2332-I

    I've short listed my IP camera to either the HIK Vision DS-2CD2312-I or DS-2CD2332-I Does anyone have videos / pictures taken during the day as well as at night using the IR you can share with me? I'd like to see what the video and image quality is like before committing. Thank you in advance !
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    BI Support for Raspberry PI and/or Webcam on Laptop

    Not if this is the right forum to post this but ............ I've been tinkering with both the arduinos and raspberry pi's for a couple of years. Does anyone know if BI supports the Raspberry Pi with camera with the PTZ mechanism? I also have a couple of spare laptops laying around not doing...
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    IOS Camera App

    I currently have the DLINK DCS5010L camera installed but the 640 x 480 resolution SUCKS. However, the software to access the camera for my iPhone is great. The DLINK camera is connect to my home network is connected to The DLINK IOS app connect to which allows me to...
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    Foscam FI9853EP for outdoor use

    I'm considering the Foscam FI9853EP to monitor the front door and driveway of my house. Is this camera acceptable for use outdoors? I live on the Westcoast of Vancouver, BC where we get lots of rain in the spring, fall and winter. Temperatures are typically above 32F. Summers are warm with...