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  1. Walrus groups endlessly trigger

    Is anyone else having a problem with trigger groups? My two crossing driveway cams are in a 'Driveway' group. Once triggered, they never stop. I've emailed support.
  2. Walrus

    HA encoding in streaming profile. What does it do?

    What does this setting do? It's not in the help file:
  3. Walrus

    H.265 HA decode now works on Intel with

    With the latest update, H.265 HA decode appears to be working on the Intel setting. I haven't tried the other settings (DirectX or Direct3D11). I changed a camera to H.265, and the feed froze as normal. But, when it came back, in the camera properties video tab, the HA stayed as default instead...
  4. Walrus

    UI3 will only play Jpeg streaming profiles in Chrome

    Something happened and now UI3 won't allow any streaming profiles except Jpeg. The regular ones (720p, 1080p etc) are red, and state 'UI3 can't play this codec in your current web browser'. This is on a Windows computer. It works on my phone (Android Chrome). I'm thinking an update to the...
  5. Walrus auto update available

    Motion detection for NON movement option Other minor enhancements and bug fixes No idea what that means?
  6. Walrus

    UI3 10s skip back - doesn't always work

    I've enabled the 10s skip buttons in UI3. I find the 10s skip back frequently doesn't work, and actually starts skipping forward. Has anyone else found this?
  7. Walrus

    What causes this blur or ghosting?

    Camera: IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS Backlight (WDR/BLC): off 3D NR: 15 FPS: 25 Bitrate: 8192 Shutter/gain: Auto