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    That fits in exactly with what CKb3 said. He has 8 cameras and 12 TB lasts 31 days (1 month). You have 15 cameras (double the number) and it's predicted to last around 2 weeks. Twice the cameras, half the duration. Sounds about right. Personally, I wouldn't be too worried about 2 weeks for a...
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    Cam for watching birds

    If you look on the product page for this camera: SD49225T-HN | Dahua Technology You'll find a section where it tells you the maximum distance at which it's possible to identify a person - in the case of that camera (the one recommended to you, it's 528 feet if I remember correctly from reading...
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    Hi....Tired of being robbed by drug addicts

    I was going to suggest the Boerbol and save on ammunition. It has a bite pressure nearing that of a lion or great white shark. They're bred for use as guard dogs yet have a good temperament. They're also very large dogs.
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    The chances are if it's out of reach it's too high for a good facial shot. I don't see an issue in 1 sense in that if someone tries to reach they should be captured. On the other hand, it would be better to have the confidence in knowing it can't move either by hand or by nature unless a...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Just remember as well it's better to mount it low and point it up than have it sagging down. You get the facial shot that way.
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    How much "hidden" should be a dome camera from sunlight....

    Personally, Id be upset. To me CCTV is fit and forget (with the exception of the odd wipe), until the camera dies or something so ground breakingly better comes out that it's time to replace it. The last camera I want to fit is one that requires me to spend $200 replacing it every 2 years. We...
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    12 x 8MP - system requirements - discussion

    Are you sure that 8mp cameras are the best for your application? The 5831R isn't particularly sensitive at night and to that end, unless you have a well lit area day and night, you might be better off with one of the 4mp starlight+ cameras such as this: Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS...
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    What do you think? Are you ready for this?

    Be aware you can delay Windows Updates in your Windows Update system settings for (I think) 45 days. This buys you some time against update bugs, Also be aware that EVERY update resets this setting so It needs to be enabled again after every update.
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    I was right all along, Dahua IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE - Don't follow the 4K Hype

    For some reason with down scaling the picture does seem to be better. Pixels are obviously discarded, but the pixels that remain seem to retain a greater sharpness. It's most obvious in TV where data rates are much higher than for CCTV. I'd expect CCTV to mirror it though albeit the effect might...
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    I was right all along, Dahua IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE - Don't follow the 4K Hype

    Not sure why I didn't comment on this earlier. Digital zoom should always be avoided at all costs. Digital zoom just crops an area of the picture then expands it to the size of the full frame to give the appearance of being zoomed in. In reality what you're doing is taking a small part of the...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    TBH I hope that's something Dahua should look at. I'm not sure the cheap price tag is an excuse. The saving between casting this and a better metal is probably a few tens of pennies. If the camera cost $2 or $3 more, I'm sure people would buy it. Juts out of interest, do other models use set...
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    Cannot login to ipcamtalk from Firefox anymore - cookies

    There's an issue that Mike is looking into. Appears there's an intermittent site crash.
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    Increased FPS 25 on Dahua SD59225U-HNI smoothed auto tracking????

    In one way this wouldn't surprise me as with a higher frame rate there are more frames to sample the change of position from. What does surprise me from all these cameras though is the fact that the cameras never seem to track continuously. As you say, there's always a jerkiness where the...
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    IPCT IPCT Upgrade Tonight! - Oct. 11, 2019

    Mike, has anyone reported any issues? Over the past few days when I've come to the site, I've intermittently seen a message "Oops we ran into some problems please try later". At the top of the page it suggests clearing cookies. I did try that but it never worked on return. I suspect that maybe...
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    Got Graffiti'ed

    Yeah I thought of this, I thought maybe something like Thompson's Waterseal. However, it's not my wall. I did mention it to my neighbour though.
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    Got Graffiti'ed

    Thanks Looney / Rollo. As it happens my neighbour has reported it to the Council but no action despite it being several weeks. I think they have so much they don't want to tackle it. I might ring them myself this afternoon and see if I can speed it up.
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    IP camera as webcam

    Yeah or if you're looking to VLOG, there are many video cameras that allow a stream out to the pc. Look on Youtube at what Youtube Vlogger's use.
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    Got Graffiti'ed

    Got Graffiti'ed again tonight - Halloween Effect. Can't believe this, this year has been the 1st time in 50yrs anything like this happened. Part of the issue is the old graffiti is still up, albeit, it's in hand. My experience is one tag encourages another. 5 new tags:
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    Well there goes the neighborhood

    Couldn't you get the police to raid themlooking for drugs if there's evidence of use? Another approach in a case like that might be to report the danger from the needles to your local authority. They might just clean them up but if the problem is ongoing you could point out the danger to...
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    Well there goes the neighborhood

    I'm not sure if "illegal" was the correct term in the UK or more "against the law". I'm not sure it's criminal. However, it is against the law to live in one on your drive as I believe it's a breach of planning and that could lead to enforcement action by a Council for it's removal.
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    Can Blue Iris do Intel (QuickSync) hardware accelerated ENcoding?

    Just for knowledge purposes, is Intel still the best CPU option then given the rise of Zen 3? Also, does anybody know what the new 4th Gen Ryzen is going to bring to the table in January as it's supposed to be a major step forward and at least 10% faster IPC again, with major changes to the...
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    More proof that Ring sucks.

    Maybe the Ring bit refers to Who Wants to be a Millionaire. You get a clue then have to phone a friend for help in finding the answer. :)
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    What dash cam are you using?

    The 4K Aukey uses an "On Semiconductor" sensor not a Sony one. The Sony one found in the Viofo and some others seems to be the 4K class leader for low light performance.
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    Well there goes the neighborhood

    Don't know about US laws but I'm pretty sure in the UK it's illegal to live in a caravan on your domestic premises. In fact I think it may be illegal to even spend a night in one. Probably down to planning laws.
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    What causes this distortion?

    You can hack the registry. The issue there is updates now expire so if you hack not to receive them, you can't receive them if needed once expired and there used to be, I'm not sure if there still is, a restiction on obtaining future updates if you need them if previous updates were missing. MS...
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    Well there goes the neighborhood

    Can't you report your suspicions? Would at least get rid of the RV if true, dispel it if not, and a visit from the police might put the guy off sleeping in his car every night. Also, is it legal for the guy to sleep in his car every night at the roadside in a residential neighbourhood?
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    Delivery guy hits car and drives off (U.K.)

    I had an accident where driving my fathers car, I went down a pothole in the road at night. Couldn't be seen and clearly the hole was of illegal depth - nearly 6 inches deep! Caused £800 worth of damage to the wheels, tyres and suspension. Insurance got full recovery from the Council. My own...
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    Video of guy checking doors and got in one...So looking for better starlight cameras to replace or add.

    Must admit can't understand it in the US. No-one would ever dream of leaving doors unlocked in the UK. Also fit a car alarm. Not only does it protect yours, but it communal parking the alarm going off is likely to spook any perp away from the others.
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    What causes this distortion?

    Windows Updates have screwed a few services recently. About 6 months ago, my Printer Scanner started to crash the software. I thought it was an issue on my pc. Turns out when I google, lots reporting it. A windows Update has broken many scanners of many brands it appears. The Creators update...
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    What causes this distortion?

    Isn't this the same as here: It turned out to be a driver although I suspect the underlying cause may be a Windows Update that's causing some driver versions to no longer function properly.