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  1. rmanTX

    Gaps in recording - need help!

    I recently noticed my app (ios and android) were having a hard time connecting, displaying clips, displaying live, etc. I checked my PC and noticed gaps in my recordings. Average 3-5 minutes and on and off for hours, some gaps were hours long. The multiple gaps were causing BI to write new...
  2. rmanTX

    BI5 LPR Setup Help

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a thread or guide for setting up the LPR in BI5? I enabled AI and that's pretty much all I did. Looking for something in layman's terms, literally a guide that says "click here" and "check this box" Thanks! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. rmanTX

    Profile 2 not triggering?

    So I have my profile 1 setup to trigger and send mobile notifications, basically areas where there should be no motion. Profile 2 is basically my entire property, set to trigger but no notification. Reviewing my recordings, I noticed there aren't any triggers on my time-line for profile 2. My...
  4. rmanTX

    No Audio when recording clips (Android)

    Just as the title states. Audio during live and playback, but not when I save/export a clip. Works on PC just fine, live, playback and export. Known issue, setting, or user error? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  5. rmanTX

    IR next to a wall

    Hey all, I have 2 cams that, at night, the IR focuses elsewhere. 1 cam is at an extreme angle such that the wall of my house lights up at night, and the actual walkway ends up being dark. The other cam, because I rotated it 180*, has the rain gutter obstructing it's view (which is fine by...
  6. rmanTX

    CPU usage doubled

    Hi everyone, i7-7700 16gb ram win 10 pro So I had 6 cameras setup and CPU usage was a steady 17-18% at idle. 2 profiles with different motion detection zones. Added 3 cameras today, the only other thing I changed was resolution. They were all around 2560x1440 and I bumped them up to...
  7. rmanTX

    Question with storage space

    Hey all, After finally getting off tapatalk and logging in with a web browser, I found that the videos answered almost all my questions - huge help! I'm now down to 15-17% CPU usage, and recording 24/7 on 6 cams. Just about ready to add 4 more. I do have a few questions though - My 4tb HDD...
  8. rmanTX

    Need help with continuous recording

    Hi All, I'm a little overwhelmed with all the settings in BI. I just set up my new PC and can finally record all my cams continuously. I thought I had them set up properly, but have a few questions. First off, using a 4TB HGST HDD just for BI clips I have 6 Dahua cams, at 15fps. Will be...
  9. rmanTX

    Can't connect to server?

    Neither my android nor my wife's iPhone can connect tonight, but we're still getting push notifications. Anyone else experiencing this? I was messing with some network settings between 2 PCs when this started. Maybe a coincidence, since my other LAN/WAN/Remote apps are working. Router...
  10. rmanTX

    NVR + Personal Use?

    Hey all, Just finished my build: i7-7700 16gb DDR4 Asus ATI Radeon HD6450 1GB Vid 5PPW PSU 4TB - BI (6 cams, expanding to 10 soon) 10TB - Media/HTPC 8TB - Personal My Question - rather than running a separate PC for web browsing, vinyl cutting, and some Gopro editing (using the 8tb as...
  11. rmanTX

    NSC-DB1 vs NA-KB6013-WIP

    Currently have a Skybell HD for ADC, and it constantly needs to be reset, deleted & re-added, the button sticks causing it to reset, and the motion sensor lens cracked in less than 1 year. I was planning on getting the NSC-DB1 since ADC integration isn't as important as I wanted it to be. I...
  12. rmanTX

    Thoughts in this PC?

    Hey y'all, I know there's a guide/sticky for this, but I'm not exactly the most technologically advanced guy. My current PC is a i5, about 4 years old. I think 4gb of ram, honestly not sure. Running both my HTPC and BI w/ 6 cams, typically see 45% cpu usage. New PC is i7 7700 7th gen, 8gb...
  13. rmanTX

    Push to Android stopped working

    Hey all, I noticed today that my android and my wife's iPhone weren't getting notifications. nothing in BI had changed. went in and deleted the devices. IPhone works now. Android still won't work, when sending a test it says "Test message sent to 1 devices" I've also deleted my app and...
  14. rmanTX

    Alert Playback not working

    Hey all, for about 2 weeks or so, I have been having an issue with my Blue Iris app not showing previews/screenshots, not showing playbacks, nor playing back the clips. Is this an app issue, or possibly a PC issue? I do have HD space on my PC, not much has changed on that end. Sent from my...
  15. rmanTX

    New PV Setup advice

    Hey y'all, couple basic-ish questions. Currently running Blue Iris on a i5 PC along with my Emby HTPC, all on a 4TB HDD. BI is currently writing to disk on trigger. It's not a great setup. I plan to build a dedicated PC for BI. I have an older i5 machine, not even sure what the memory is. 1)...
  16. rmanTX

    Painting Cameras Black?

    I know this has been asked a handful of times, but it doesn't appear to have ever been confirmed.. Will painting my cameras black harm them? I have 6 Dahua cams (5 turret, 1 bullet). The black looks so much better and blends in nicely (i know the argument of conspicuous deterrence). However, I...
  17. rmanTX

    Dahua Camera Timeout?

    Need help! I have A Dahua turret (HDW4631C) that suddenly timed out today (BI 8000274c) I am away from home, and my wife isn't tech-savvy. I remoted in and can't log-in to the camera IP, did a quick search and it's not on the network. We have had non-stop rain for a few hours, did this camera...
  18. rmanTX

    BI integration with

    Just curious if anyone has ever had BI triggers sent to ADC. We use for our security, and overall it's pretty good. Easy interface and free with our security subscription. Would be awesome to do something along the lines of turn on flood lights with a certain camera trigger. Sent...
  19. rmanTX

    IPCamPower Switch any good?

    IPCamPower 24 Port POE Network Switch W/ 2 Gigabit Uplink Ports | Designed for IP Cameras | POE+ Capable of pushing 30 Watts per Port | 250 Watts Total Budget Looking at this and have 2 questions #1) Is this any good? 8-10...
  20. rmanTX

    Newb from North Texas

    Hey all, just registered. Last home we had, I used 2 Foscam wifi cams on BI Current home (for 2 more weeks) 4 Foscams on BI Really, really hate the unreliability with the wifi, so I set up an access point to extend my range... got a little better, but for whatever reason recently 2 cameras...