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    Login help with DH-IPC-HFW4421S

    I have a DH-IPC-HFW4421S that I haven't been able to login to. I tried admin/admin, 888888/888888, and 666666/666666. I'm currently locked out of admin. Looks like I need to wait for the lock it to clear. For 888888 and 666666, it says that those accounts don't exist. Any advice on getting...
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    Installation Info?

    Is there a good resource for learning how to install security cameras yourself? Would like to cover mounting, sealing, running wires, etc.
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    Any dash cams that capture license plates at night?

    Are there any dash cams that capture license plates at night on moving vehicles? I've caught some incidents at night where I would loved to have captured the license plate, but it's just a blur.