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    Cloned cameras reporting bitrate

    Look in the camera video tab for Designated group master. It should be checked on the master camera only, unchecked on the clone.
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    Turn off alert push notifications per camera?

    Camera Properties - Alerts - On Alert - delete the push line or change profiles selected.
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    The specific camera schedule will override the global and do exactly what you want. Leave inactive where you want the global to be active and draw in the profile you need for the days and time you want.
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    Motion Detection best practice.

    9000 and wait until it starts to delete clips, then in Blue Iris Status check clip storage for allocation info.
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    Motion Detection best practice.

    On your stored page uncheck Move to and check delete. Uncheck Limit Clip Age on all pages.
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    Motion Detection best practice.

    On your storage issue the first thing is stored needs to be deleted not moved to stored. Edit - Why use days? Just use available drive space and use all available space until it's full.
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    Sentry Website

    This works for me. Smart Home Sentry
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    Setting 2 types of motion detection in 1 camera?

    You can clone the camera in BI (duplicate it). Both BI cameras will use the same stream from the same camera and use almost no additional CPU cycles as a single BI camera. Each can have their own complete set of settings. I have 12 cameras and all are cloned and setup similar to what you want.
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    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    I upgraded 2 days ago. For those still doing Step 0, it's time to jump. All profiles were intact and accurate. I have 2 global schedules, 6 profiles, 12 cameras all duplicated so 24 cameras in BI. Very happy with the process.
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    Purchased BI in Mid-March 2019, can't upgrade to new BI version

    You can do the $29 and then cancel the annual renewal or just do the $34 and be done with it.
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    Is Sentry for me?

    I can't speak to your system but, on my system on most days it has eliminated 100% of false alerts. I am often gone for several days at a time traveling. Once in a while one will sneak through. I did spend a lot of time fine tuning alerts prior to Sentry which I think helps but would still...
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    zone crossing fine tuning

    Subject has to have been in both A and B before it goes into C.
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    tool head broke off in set screw of Starlight Housing

    If drilling, use a left hand bit and chances are it will unscrew the set screw before drilling is complete.
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    Getting Intel Quick Sync to work with Blue Iris (Settings & Troubleshooting)

    Selecting Intel on the Camera Properties page overrides the setting on the Options Camera page. Set the Camera Properties to default and it will use whatever is on the Options Page. This way you can turn HA on/off for all cameras with one change on the Options Page.
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    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    Only if someone tells him.
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    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    Thank you for the information. Have you reported this to Ken? If not, please do.
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    Goodbye Sentry

    It's the frame that caused the trigger and not the frame that is sent with the SMS. (Is that the same frame as the alert thumb?) The SMS image is the image that is current when BI receives the positive indicator back from Sentry. Usually 5-12 seconds apart. I have about a 90%+ success rate...
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    I have cross zones setup but still getting lots of false alerts

    You don't tell us what is triggering the false alerts. Cats, dogs, tree shadow in the wind............... Also, if you are trying to trigger on people only try Sentry. Works quite well.
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    Calling all most experienced members

    Really? So you take out a $20,000 loan and expect them to pay it off? When they don't make the first payment who does the lender go after?
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    BI4 connection lost, but local browser shows video

    Remember the less expensive 2231 if you don't need audio. As far as I can tell they have the same video quality.
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    Icons in UI3

    Works great! Thank you!
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    On-premise version

    The other side of the coin. I also ran Sentry thru the trial period but ultimately decided for it. There were a few reasons: 1) I'm not tin foil hat paranoid and I have any indoor cameras that are disabled when home. 2) $50/yr isn't a bad price, I have (12 total) and I just left 2 off the...
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    Trying to make a decision on my system

    The main differences are lack of audio (mic) and only a main stream (no secondary streams). If you don't need these two items save the money and go with 2231s. Buy 5231s only where you need either item.
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    Trying to make a decision on my system

    For the price of 1 ea. PTZ camera you can you can buy 3 ea. 2231s. Then you will not miss action while panning. Zoom one in, leave one zoomed out for overview and you have a spare.
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    Blue Iris Version 5 is right around the corner!

    Yes, you can upgrade for no additional cost when v5 is available.
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    Blue Iris Version 5 is right around the corner!

    That is the new Support key, not the program License Key. Enter it now and you will see the new support expiration date on the options page.
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    How to restrict new folder?

    Why do it by time rather than size?
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    Object movement with make time

    My understanding is the motion needs to be present in any zone for the make time duration before zone crossing starts "looking" for crossing into another zone. Once the crossing is confirmed the trigger is tripped. This is not confirmed or proven, just what I've concluded from experminting...
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    How to program B.I. to overwrite clip and archiving?

    Mine is the default and it is the same - Stored is really Storage
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    Pre-Trigger Buffer with Sentry

    The image you get via SMS or email isn't the image sent to Sentry. It's the current image when BI gets the Positive back from Sentry. Usually 5-7 seconds after the trigger image. (It's the time taken to send image to Sentry, Sentry to process and send a positive back to BI and for BI to send...