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  1. IAmATeaf

    Lost all videos, and BI5 will no longer work nor install on my computer without errrors after update

    As far as I know it will only find them if the paths are either the same as they were before or consistent. What I mean by this is if the vids were on e:\new before and they still are there then it will find them. If you have changed the path to f:\new from e:\new then provided you have also...
  2. IAmATeaf

    BlueIris on your TV!

    You need to create a user and then limit that user to a group. I idea about the timeout.
  3. IAmATeaf

    Webserver Issue Using Multiple Network Cards

    That is strange, I have dual NICs, well I have 3 and they all appear in the drop down for me. I have my main NIC that is connected to my home network set as DHCP but have a reservation on my router so it always gets the same IP. The other which is connected to the POE switch and the cams is set...
  4. IAmATeaf

    Lost all videos, and BI5 will no longer work nor install on my computer without errrors after update

    You said you were going to do a clean install so do as I stated, enter your BI5 key, setup your cams and then forget all about it.
  5. IAmATeaf

    BI playback is pixelated and freezing

    I think I've solved my problem. Bloody Windows 10 updates, seems even though I don't recall there being any updates for Intel the driver had somehow updated on the 16th. Regressed back to and all appears to be fine but will check over the next few hours. EDIT: Still working fine.
  6. IAmATeaf

    BI playback is pixelated and freezing

    Clip showing the problem, was fine before the 5.04.8 update. Intel drivers the same as they’ve always been.
  7. IAmATeaf

    I was right all along, Dahua IPC-HDW4831EM-ASE - Don't follow the 4K Hype

    Have you tried with smart codec disabled?
  8. IAmATeaf

    Webserver Issue Using Multiple Network Cards

    What happens if you tick the option to bind to one specific IP NIC?
  9. IAmATeaf

    Lost all videos, and BI5 will no longer work nor install on my computer without errrors after update

    Download the latest version of W10 from the Microsoft media creation site, let it create a bootable usb stick. Boot up of the stick and reinstall W10, then install BI5.
  10. IAmATeaf

    BI playback is pixelated and freezing

    I’ve also started getting this with the latest update for BI. Never had the issue before but just like the OP I get a trail of pixelation behind the direction of motion.
  11. IAmATeaf

    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Another vote for VF turret here, hoping Andy can talk to the engineers to tell them they are missing a trick [emoji3]
  12. IAmATeaf

    Dahua camera going offline

    Check the cable and then try continuously pinging the device to see if your are losing packets.
  13. IAmATeaf

    Cabling: cat 5e or 6

    Just for my cameras I ran solid cat5e rated for external use, even for inside runs. Didn’t see the point of running anything higher spec.
  14. IAmATeaf

    All cams offline

    Hoping it doesn’t occur again but I’ll definitely give those a go [emoji106]
  15. IAmATeaf

    All cams offline

    Came home yesterday night, wife tells me that the IOS app shows a red border around all the cams. Logged onto the PC and they had gone into this state at around 4:30pm, it was now around 8pm. There was nothing in the log file to even indicate that they had gone offline and nothing I did would...
  16. IAmATeaf

    Junction Boxes @ IPC-HDW2231R-ZS

    If you make a 3/4” inch hole for the cable tails then yes. Without the junction box there is nowhere for the cable tails to go so you’d have to make a larger hole and then push the tails back into the area behind the sofffit.
  17. IAmATeaf

    Latest BI update 15 October 2019

    Did you go straight to .7? People here originally upgraded to .6 were reporting the DLL and licensing issues.
  18. IAmATeaf

    IPC-T5442TM-AS Auto IR bug fixed firmware 20190930

    What an appropriate username [emoji3]
  19. IAmATeaf


    Just buy the best value and if you need to take into account the extra cost of buying an SSD to replace the current drive, that’s what I did. No point paying over the odds just to get it with and SSD. Then as pointed out by fenderman get onto the Microsoft media creation site and download a...
  20. IAmATeaf

    BI5 - Recordings Missing

    Post your storage settings and do you have over allocations issues?
  21. IAmATeaf

    Blue Iris Disk?

    Are you talking about buying BI or buying a hard disk. For a BI license I’d buy it from this site.
  22. IAmATeaf

    IPCT IPCT Upgrade Tonight! - Oct. 11, 2019

    Yep it’s working thanks.
  23. IAmATeaf

    IPCT IPCT Upgrade Tonight! - Oct. 11, 2019

    Will access via Tapatalk be enabled? Can’t access the site via it at the mo
  24. IAmATeaf

    Dahua 4MP Starlight Lineup

    So they have a bigger aperture, wonder how that affect depth of view?
  25. IAmATeaf

    Dahua and Hikvision put on the "entities list"

    Aren’t t you prematurely panicking? I thought the ban in the main is for government agencies to not work with them. Consumer product sellers will just apply for permission to carry on selling though prices may start to rise?
  26. IAmATeaf

    How long til it all makes sense??

    Hi there and welcome. In terms of progressing, you need to decide on NVR versus Blue Iris and then start choosing the cams. The more you read the more confusing it might get in terms of info overload. I decided to go the BI route so got a POE switch, then a few Starlight 2Mp cams and then a PC...
  27. IAmATeaf

    Discussion continues here.....

    The fact that you can update to firmware with or without the Duhua logo or even direct from their site (if you fancy something really old) is enough for me.
  28. IAmATeaf

    How do you get rid of the highlighted green box in Dahua NVR?

    How else would you know which cam is currently selected?
  29. IAmATeaf

    Blue Iris 4 Lost Cd-Key

    Whose email was it sent to? I think you’ll need to contact BI support and why did you wait to sort this out until after the trial expired?