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    Issues with nighttime view on my Hikvision camera, how to troubleshoot

    my guess is it's a dome-type cam and you either have a bad seal from the foam ring to the glass inside or have some external lighting incident on the dome, or both
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    Any experience with FortiNet cams? missing password

    sorry Alastair, for being misleading. i meant some sort of telnet password cracker, maybe not JTR, if not appropriate. (suggest one?) it's moot for now, as i forgot to bring the cam home with me for the weekend... I have yet to find any firmware files for the Fortinet cams - they seem to...
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    Minimised Camera

    check the 'device type' in the Information/version page...
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    Any experience with FortiNet cams? missing password

    I picked up a used Fortinet CB20 bullet-type cam (cheap, of course!). Seems like a well-built cam (2mp 2.8-12mm manual vari-focal with PoE and coax video out). It gets an IP via DHCP or takes if no DHCP server is available. There's a web UI on port 80 (uses an activeX plugin)...
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    Camera lens change and no pictures ever stored

    sure, any of those should be fine.
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    i belive this is a known firmware issue with this cam. IVS can be enabled for only one of the cams (not both at same time), for some reason...
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    china webcam

    1 min delay is pretty horrible. you either have serious network connectivity issues, or have bought crap cameras. try to engage the sellers, if possible for firmware updates, but you may just be S.O.L...
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    Camera lens change and no pictures ever stored

    yes. like this is fine (example only): https://www.amazon.com/-/dp/B0168V81SC
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    Incomplete motion detection recordings/segments

    - check the BI logs/messages in the 'stats' page for disonnect messages fomr the camera. that'll show if it's falling off the wifi. - cheap non-name cams often are not very compatible with BI. you might try disabling the 'use rtsp timestamp' (or somesuch) setting or the 'comapbility mode'...
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    Avoid this switch, Two failed in less than a year

    you checked the switch power supplies, right? I've had power supplies go bad, but not (yet) a bad netgear switch...
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    Hikvision - IR reflection (dome camera) ??

    do you have reflections when the IR is OFF? if so, the reflections are most likely from a nearby light source off to the side somewhere. If you only have reflections when the IR is ON, it could be internal (within the dome - make sure the foam ring is pressing up against the inside of the...
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    china webcam

    are they working? why do you feel you need to upgrade/change the firmware?
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    Camera lens change and no pictures ever stored

    yes, 2332 can take a basic lens swap. I have put up to 16mm lens into the hik turrets. as Allastair describes, the IR cut is a separate component that the lens mounts to.
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    IR illuminator that isn't a spot light?

    This one is adjustable, but I have no experience with that (single) lens configuration. probably fine: US $48.89 |CCTV 5 90Degree Adjustable Focus 3000mW Surveillance IR Illuminator LED Array 850nm 5 50M-in CCTV Accessories from Security & Protection on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group Also...
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    Blue Iris Multiple Triggers/Alerts

    from 5.1.6 on hacked Chinese cam, you should be able to install Alastair's 'brick-fix' firmware and from there anything you like, including newer US releases. there's a bit of work involved, but not too hard, if you follow the instructions... see R0 / DS-2CD2x32 BrickfixV2 brick recovery and...
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    Blue Iris Multiple Triggers/Alerts

    what version is your Hikvision DS-2CD3332 currently running? Does the serial number have CC or CN in it? what 'security' flaw are you referring to?
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    DS-2CD2442FWD-IW losing network connection after a while

    when BI loses connectivity to the cam, are you able to ping or browse to the cam's IP directly? and can you ping other devices on the cam's local network from the BI server?
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    DS-2CD2442FWD-IW losing network connection after a while

    if it were losing power, the blue light would not be on... make sure the static IP being used by the cam is not also in the dhcp range assigned by the router. perhaps you're getting ip address conflicts. packet capture when cam is not accessible may show if another device is using same IP...
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    Hikvision 7608NI-I2/8P PoE failed?

    the only other thing that comes to mind is maybe the hik region mis-match thing... eg, maybe your NVR is a US version, but your cams are chinese/hacked or some other incompatible version? (or vice-versa: hacked chinese NVR with legit western-region cams?...) you'd think there'd be an explicit...
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    Hikvision 7608NI-I2/8P PoE failed?

    ok, i'm stumped...
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    Hikvision 7608NI-I2/8P PoE failed?

    What sort of Cams are you trying to add?... from the manual: Step 1 Connect PoE cameras to device PoE ports with network cables. Step 2 Go to Camera > Camera > IP Camera to view camera image and information. 3.2.2 Add Non-PoE IP Cameras You can disable the PoE interface by selecting (the)...
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    Sunset Cam Recommendation

    the 1831 wins during the day, due to higher resolution on a big sensor. the 4239 wins at night hands-down, no question, drop-the-mike. there are of course 8mp and low-light 2mp cams form Hikvision as well. check out the IPCT cams (rebranded hiks). The 8mp I tested briefly was on-par with...
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    Log File Shows Signal retry and restored

    Also, you've tried a known good cable right?
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    New here, looking for advice.

    if you've already bought a new system, it's too late for advice... :-)
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    Log File Shows Signal retry and restored

    568a or b, doesn't matter as long as you are consistant at both ends of the wire. it's very important to group the pairs together properly or the interference-rejecting capabilities of the twisted-pair wiring are severely degraded. what make/model of cam are we talking about here?
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    Looking for help and advice.

    probably defaults to FHD (1080i) for compatibility purposes. from the manual: To set the monitor resolution: 1. From the Main Menu, click and then click Setting>Display>Display. 2. Under Resolution, select the correct resolution for your monitor. 3. Click OK to save changes. Click OK again to...
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    Power router on and off remotely

    see the bottom of this thread for implementing such a thing with a Sonoff/Tasmota switch, available for $10 or less... Router Auto-Rebooter · Issue #3075 · arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota then again, if your router is really that flakey that it needs to be rebooted to work, just get a new router...
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    Hikvision 7608NI-I2/8P PoE failed?

    did you recently 'upgrade' firmware? sometimes the wrong firmware version can leave things like PoE not working... Did you have working PoE cams before? or are you just trying to add some now and notice?...
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    Moisture/rain in camera ir and lens

    either get some new dessicant packs or dry out the old one in the oven at 170-180F for an hour or so... that is, AFTER thoroughly drying out the rest of the cam and before reassembling with improved sealing...