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  1. cyberwolf_uk

    Camera Tolerance to 12V Supply Fluctuations

    Steve, Have you thought of using a 12v power filter? You can find these on Amazon or ebay for under $10
  2. cyberwolf_uk

    US blacklists Chinese surveillance companies over human rights abuses

    What John @john-ipvm does is highlight backdoor issues or security breaches / holes in IP based cameras... This is not unique to Hikvision or Dahua, they do it for all manufacturers! It's just the later are the biggest players in the IP camera game so would get more coverage. What IPVM do only...
  3. cyberwolf_uk

    Horse farm. Multiple buildings

    If you are running 1 x 8 port poe switches in each of the main locations just drop a 8 port none poe switch next to the PC unless you are running cameras from it then a poe one. TL-SG1008MP | 8-Port Gigabit Desktop/Rackmount Switch with 8-Port PoE+ | TP-Link
  4. cyberwolf_uk

    Horse farm. Multiple buildings

    Quick drawing, tried to overlay your original...This is how I would run it, I'm using the central building as the base of the star network. 24/48 port POE Switch which is used to power and feed most the cameras. I would run the feed for each camera down conduit in the trenches. i.e for your two...
  5. cyberwolf_uk

    Review: Dahua SD29204UE-GN 2MP 4x Starlight IR PTZ

    Go for it! you have a great knack for it sir! :lol:
  6. cyberwolf_uk

    Review: Dahua SD29204UE-GN 2MP 4x Starlight IR PTZ

    @bigredfish Thanks for the review... gives me some ideas / options. Would also like to say what a lovely home you have my friend. I guess it's all Mrs Bigredfrish's work ;)
  7. cyberwolf_uk

    Horse farm. Multiple buildings

    If they are that close I would go for laying cable where possible.. you can always try wifi but once you start seeing drop- outs and jerking video you'd wished you had done it right first time. For your trenches you can either dig them out or hire one these. It's all about your budget and...
  8. cyberwolf_uk

    Horse farm. Multiple buildings

    +1 on the Ubiquiti, used their wifi bridges many times and just work!
  9. cyberwolf_uk

    Horse farm. Multiple buildings

    I would go for wireless bridges if it were me... If you've never used one he is a random YouTube link
  10. cyberwolf_uk

    Delivery guy hits car and drives off (U.K.)

    I can vouch for this... Some years ago I was sitting at some traffic lights when somebody rear-ended me. The driver wanted to complete a cash repair (his uncle had a garage) I said no as I wasn't sure what damage had been done to the structure of my car and I wanted it to go through an insurance...
  11. cyberwolf_uk

    Water-Proof Junction box vs Wall Mount Bracket

    I always go for the wall mount bracket over a water proof junction box.... The wall mount install just looks so clean and tidy compared to having the ugly water proof box sitting next to it. I've had quite a few of these brackets with only one entry point at the side as displayed in the picture...
  12. cyberwolf_uk

    Help -iDMSS Plus app not display cameras on other outside wifi connections..says "Failed to connect"

    If you want to prevent your network and cameras from being hacked I would disable any port forwarding and setup a VPN solution on your home network. You can read about it here... VPN Primer for Noobs
  13. cyberwolf_uk

    cleaning (dome) cameras - how often, inside too?

    I clean my cameras once a week whilst cleaning the windows (quick wipe with a alcohol based wipe)... As for your domes you shouldn't need to clean the inside of the dome after installing unless you have moisture build up. If that is the case I would be looking at my water tight seals and check...
  14. cyberwolf_uk

    IPCT recommended firmware updates - ok, it's at your own risk

    My personal take on this is if the firmware fixes an issue that effects the cameras functionality or adds a feature I think I will use I will update my hardware. As @fenderman said any camera shouldn't be able to reach the internet so if the firmware offers a security fix I tend to ignore it as...
  15. cyberwolf_uk

    Review-Dahua IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS Starlight Camera-Varifocal

    Strange.... Have you attempted a full factory reset? If you open the camera up there should be a reset button in there. If not there should be two solder pads you need to short out as the physical reset switch is missing. If you search the forum you should find the exact pads. I believe you need...
  16. cyberwolf_uk

    Expecting to much

    Way to go @fenderman...You really schooled this guy! Let this be a lesson to all who try and f*ck with @fenderman. I'm surprised this troll came back with that amazing post explaining how his advanced system managed to scan the internet and find all these posts about him and try and convince us...
  17. cyberwolf_uk

    Email Bug fixed Firmware for IPC-HX5X3X-Rhea_Eng_PN_Stream3_V2.800.0000008.0.R.190619.zip

    @EMPIRETECANDY will always get firmware well before Dahua release them out into the wild... And they may only release them to installers / re-sellers. You can trust that if Andy posts a firmware it's legit. *Edit spelling
  18. cyberwolf_uk

    Big update!! NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.000.0000000.0.R.20190713

    Ask the same client after they are using it for a while, see if they still have the same opinion :lol: Lot of people resist change :winktongue:
  19. cyberwolf_uk

    Big update!! NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.000.0000000.0.R.20190713

    Thanks @jmcu for you initial testing. It looks a nice and clean interface! So much better than the old UI. It would be nice during further updates they could add some thumbnails for motion captured. This is one of the reason BI excels, nice clean interface and ability to quickly view captures...
  20. cyberwolf_uk

    Dahua Nvr POE failure after rain

    Like what @fenderman said, but from my experience I've visited about 7 instances whereby people haven't waterproofed connectors correctly and everyone the POE module had blow in the camera so external power was needed. I never understand why weatherproofing seems to be a after thought with a...
  21. cyberwolf_uk

    New 4K 20x Starlight+ IR PTZ AI Network Camera

    I agree! I gave up selling on ebay some time ago, ebay taking to much % and buyers lying about items they purchase claiming damage or not working!
  22. cyberwolf_uk

    Email Bug fixed Firmware for IPC-HX5X3X-Rhea_Eng_PN_Stream3_V2.800.0000008.0.R.190619.zip

    Have updated my test camera (IPC-HDW5231R-Z/ZE) with this firmware. Again works fine with Chrome without any plugins needed, haven't come across any issues yet and has been running for about 12 hours on the bench.
  23. cyberwolf_uk

    Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE stopped working

    @EMPIRETECANDY is worth his weight in gold! Excellent service from the man himself!!
  24. cyberwolf_uk

    Dahua IVS question

    If I'm reading your request correctly, It looks like your IVS is being triggered by an object crossing the line but it's waiting 30 seconds before it starts recording by that time the subject may be leaving... Reduce your "Record Delay" down to 10 seconds.
  25. cyberwolf_uk

    Our install...

    Nice clean install there @JNDATHP I would be tempted to paint those cameras (at least mounts) to match your walls on the outside... They would really blend in with the walls and hard to spot from distance. :highfive:
  26. cyberwolf_uk

    Review Dahua OEM SD22204UE-GN by EmpireTech Andy

    Nice pre-install review there my friend... Hope this will help some noobs with how to install the camera on the bracket and water seal the RJ45 connector. Not sure if you already do this but I always use some silicon gel on the power connector to prevent water or moisture getting in.
  27. cyberwolf_uk


    Just to confirm the above firmware has been running for 7 days without any issues on the Dahua mini wedge (IPC-HDBW4231F-AS)
  28. cyberwolf_uk


    I'm with @mat200... You need it outside as its sole purpose is to protect your bike.. and at night is when they will likely strike so you will need the IR on and the starlight.
  29. cyberwolf_uk


    What are you actual requirements for your camera? The above is also shit.
  30. cyberwolf_uk


    I second that.. walked away from an easy install because I didn't want to touch this sh1t and have them calling me up everyday when something went wrong.