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  1. NoloC

    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    Millenials are a very different generation from those that have come before through no fault of their own. It is not as easy as "that's what every older generation has said". Because they are so challenging to manage, companies are training managers on how to deal with them. This video featuring...
  2. NoloC

    PFBlocker for PFSense

    @Sparkey sounds like you have open ports? Port forwarding generally a bad idea. Any particular reason? Most of us set up OpenVPN for remote access and do not expose any ports.
  3. NoloC

    hik and dahua camera both stopped working

    If it was poe powered you might see if it works on the 12vdc power input. I have had this happen and used a poe splitter to power the cam.
  4. NoloC

    Reflection at night on HFW2831T-ZS

    Tilt down and zoom in might help in addition to what @looney2ns says.
  5. NoloC

    Port forwarding- Ports cease to work after a day or so

    If you think there may be two routers and double nat, run tracert to and look at the hops.
  6. NoloC

    Dumb question, fixed IP address?

    Well you could do that and that would be setting it to "static". But generally better to go this way with dhcp reservation. Cams of course must be set for dhcp and sounds like they are.
  7. NoloC

    Newb - Secure VLAN setup

    So I have the 8 port version although it is pretty old and your firmware may be different. My BI pc is a member of the main home lan and the camera lan, which is what you want as well. I didn't use vlan 1 as that is a best practice, although I can't remember why. Here is my config:
  8. NoloC

    Dumb question, fixed IP address?

    How to manually assign IP around the DHCP list? (ASUSWRT) | Official Support | ASUS Global
  9. NoloC

    Video removed - FedEx drives over neighbor's dog, no brakes, doesn't stop

    Yes we have had that problem here as well. They get paid less than UPS since they are not union and sometimes it can be difficult for the contractor to find good drivers. I am also rural and my dogs chase the truck when they are on my property and that could be about 500 feet. Drivers are...
  10. NoloC

    Video removed - FedEx drives over neighbor's dog, no brakes, doesn't stop

    WHich Fedex was it? Here in SoCal there are 3. Express, Ground and Home. Express are actually Fedex employees and union members. Ground and Home are employees of the contractors who have route contracts. Typically not union members. Easier to fire.
  11. NoloC

    Resolved - Logitech RTSP not working

    I can't speak to BI5 as I am still on 4, but I can tell you BI needs the correct user/password for these to work. You may want to verify that.
  12. NoloC

    California July Earthquake Home Vidio

    Do you think that was mainly the camera mount moving? I am about 95 miles from epicenter and the one cam I had that was continuous really doesn't show much movement. It is mounted pretty solidly on an 8 in steel post. I was hoping for a dramatic shot but pretty boring. Maybe because everything...
  13. NoloC

    Open VPN- struggling to "get it".....

    Arguably UDP does not respond to ping so you are essentially stealth.
  14. NoloC

    The problem with bullets

    Yes I have a few of those and absolute spider magnets. But on the newer Dahua bullet style, you can pull the sun sheild all the way back and I think it helps. I am having better luck on the 1831 having done this.
  15. NoloC

    Open VPN- struggling to "get it".....

    What model? Maybe it has the feature.
  16. NoloC

    Open VPN- struggling to "get it".....

    OK, you need to run the OpenVPN program on a server within your home network. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is with an ASUS router that has an OpenVPN server built in. Other routers may as well, but my experience is only with ASUS. And you would run the OpenVPN app on your phone...
  17. NoloC

    Open VPN- struggling to "get it".....

    Sometimes this type of VPN is described as a "tunnel". A secure encrypted pathway between two points. In this case, your phone and your home network. It allows you to securely connect to your home network and appear to be within the lan. So you could access anything on the lan, like your pc or a...
  18. NoloC

    18 hours without power (so far)

    So pull the main and suicide cord.
  19. NoloC

    18 hours without power (so far)

    Hard to beat a Honda small engine. I have looked pretty closely at a variety of generator brands including Generac, Champion, Duromax, Pulsar and a few others and they all appear to have the same engine made by Ducar. They may claim it is their brand but I think that it is made for them by this...
  20. NoloC

    18 hours without power (so far)

    What did that cost? Assume the disconnect is a transfer switch not a back feed? Here in SoCal, Edison is going through a huge "fire hardening" project since the Paradise fire liability fiasco. They were out here Friday to replace pole and the cables are now insulated. Power was out for 11 hours...
  21. NoloC

    Question regarding setting up Vlan

    Is this the switch? https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Gigabit-Lifetime-compliant-TL-SG108PE/dp/B01BW0AD1W I am using one for the same reason although I use BI. 60 bucks with poe is not bad.
  22. NoloC

    cpu at 100%

    Memory Leak: Quick Sync (Hardware Acceleration) | IP Cam Talk
  23. NoloC

    Blue Iris Asus VPN question

    Have you run tracert to see hops? In both scenarios.
  24. NoloC

    Logitech Alert cameras in BI

    So I just checked audio on mine and it was not working. the "Play live audio" on right click was greyed out. Went to Camera Properties>Audio and unchecked "Enable audio channel". Which was already checked. Closed the window to save and after the restart with color bars, went back into properties...
  25. NoloC

    No Signal Problem

    Hi Bryan. First recommendation is read IP Cam Talk Cliff Notes | IP Cam Talk. This will shed a great deal of light on your questions. You will probably want to forget WiFi and hard wire all cams to a switch. Not to your router. Your internet connection has nothing to do with your local...
  26. NoloC

    Logitech Alert cameras in BI

    Look at post #7 in this thread and see if that helps.
  27. NoloC

    Tariffs and Dahua

    @pov2 assume you are aware, as you are in Canada, there is a bit of a spat going on between Canada and China? Huawei CFO house arrest contrasts with Canadians detained in China - Reuters Might want to worry about your own yard before crapping on mine.
  28. NoloC

    Logitech Alert cameras in BI

    I am running laest BI version and my Logitech Alert works flawlessly, so not a BI issue. I do need to sell it and put a better cam up!
  29. NoloC

    Found some interesting Ethernet cable marker clips

    And all these years I had no idea!