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    New camera options

    FYI - here's an example of a review of one of the newer models: Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+ Just search "review" / "reviews" in the title and see what comes up.
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    New camera options

    Hi @SD002 I like to have 2 cameras covering the driveway - one on each side of the garage door. I'd look at the new starlight+ reviews by members ( 4MP, thus x4xx in the model number )
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    Storage options

    Put a WIndows 98 sticker and a 386 sticker on it...
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    Are Shipping costs from China to the US going to rise this fall?

    FYI - recent news "The UN agency linking postal systems worldwide has agreed to reform its fee structure under a proposal by the United States that averted the Trump administration’s threat to leave the global network but may mean many consumers pay more. The compromise deal was agreed by...
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    Advice for indoor camera

    Welcome @Martin7 I'd second Tony's suggestion - nice thing is that it does not need to be connected to the internet so you can retain your privacy.
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    Newbei : New Installataion suggestions

    Hi @Akhil Costco has a great return policy. I would at least test the kit out to see how well it works. Do search for the test rig here, as well as recommendations on what to test ( iirc covered in the cliff notes ) Also, you maybe able to get a junction box for those cameras which will...
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    New tool automates phishing attacks that bypass 2FA

    Of course the fun stuff was when they used to be able to overlay images ( such as the "lock" image ) on your browser...
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    Amcrest feed lags 70s+ in BI

    HI Matt, I recall reading similar issues in another thread recently. ... here it is, maybe useful???? 30-40 sec delay Reolink Wired Cams
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    Pulling Wire for Newbies without Damaging Walls

    Hi @MonitorMyHome Due to variations in building construction as well as what is desired - there is quite a lot of variations for a good set of instructions on this topic. I've thought about doing some sort of write up beyond what has been shared, but there simply was more variation than I was...
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    How I choose a PoE from the list?

    Hi @MonitorMyHome Looks like a decent PoE switch, iirc Dahua distributes it and you'll also see the same switch under Montavue's branding. Lorex may also rebrand it... or maybe just the larger PoE switches from Dahua. If you're on a tight budget and can wait - during Black Friday - cyberweek...
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    Was thinking Lorex, now maybe not... Questions inside

    Hi @foghat Just about everything is some sort of gui now.... just go to youtube and search for Dahua camera setups and check out the Dahua Wiki. We also have some screens shots posted here. Some people do not like the NVRs GUI - saying they feel a bit dated. I'm ok with them, just took some...
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    The rant against Ring

    Hi @Natey2 "...only accessible to Ring and yourself while it is stored in their cloud" - fyi, this is at best a hopeful theory. Do you trust the employees and contractors of Ring? Capital One Says Hacker Breached Accounts Of 100 Million People; Ex-Amazon Employee Arrested Apple no longer...
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    Testing placement this weekend and have some questions

    Hi @Mahumadi I would test the following: A) During the morning B) During afternoon C) During night The idea is that AM and PM sun / shadows will travel and affect the cameras. At times during the day glare from the sun affects some of my cameras - however due to the angles of my cameras...
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    Was thinking Lorex, now maybe not... Questions inside

    welcome @foghat Nice home. I think with the attached garage you have a great place to run 3-4 cameras from. I would place 1 camera on each side of the garage door, and 1-2 cameras covering the frontdoor / walkway to the front door. Remember doing the cable runs to good locations is the most...
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    Hi @Chris J LaBoda So you're ordering an NVR with 8 PoE ports. How many channels?
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    QC/Dahua 4K IP cam on Lorex NVR

    HI @Hidden Sword Dahua does not like to deal with end users, so if you're going to contact anyone it will be Q-see on that Q-see camera. What is the IP / port that is being used on the Q-see?
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    QC/Dahua 4K IP cam on Lorex NVR

    That can be a problem.. the firmware gets updated on NVRs and Cameras to counter threats... one way they do this is to increase the mandatory password length. If the firmware in one requires a 8 character password.. and you have a 6 character password this can be a problem. I don't have a...
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    QC/Dahua 4K IP cam on Lorex NVR

    Hi @Hidden Sword You'll want to check the settings you have in your NVR for assigning IP addresses to the current cameras. Chances are it is DHCP... if you want to continue to use DHCP just use the config tool to tell the camera to use DHCP. ( static is the other option - up to you which you...
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    Hi @Elton Noway Feel free to share pictures of the NVR and board showing any useful information on the board ( example revision, model,.. ).
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    QC/Dahua 4K IP cam on Lorex NVR

    Hi Hidden, RE: “invalid password” Did you set a user / password for the camera using the config tool?
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    Look at all these cameras

    Oh, they're just waiting to get a good tornado / hurricane shot like what was posted here: The rant against Ring
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    QC/Dahua 4K IP cam on Lorex NVR

    Hi @Hidden Sword iirc it is documented in the cliff notes, and there should be some notes there on the Dahua OEM config tool. ( also look at the Dahua wiki for info ) [ note - if you see something that you think can be improved in the cliff notes let us know, ideally quote the section and post...
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    The rant against Ring

    Thanks @Natey2 Cool video. Good capture for Ring, we were lucky to have gotten that one as it depends if the tornado hits the power lines / internet lines before it hits the house.... Ideally if you want redundancy you have both on-premise and cloud storage.. however in most situations...
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    QC/Dahua 4K IP cam on Lorex NVR

    Hi @Hidden Sword No need to connect to the NVR, just connect a PC to the switch - configure the PC ip address to be in the same subnet as the camera for the best results. Then run the config tool on the PC.
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    Questions regarding NVR setup (newbie that is confused)

    Welcome @Mahumadi note: If you see a particular section in the cliff notes which need clarification, please quote that along with a suggested modification. The cliff notes are for IP PoE cameras and kit along with some more general information which applies to other cameras as well ( example...
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    Do you need a junction box?

    Welcome @synntech Do you recall if we covered this in the cliff notes?
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    Can I get a system with local storage without giving up features?

    Welcome @Victor S Remember to check out the cliff notes. Unfortunately while Nest does have features many customers like, it often fails on some of the core aspects of what is needed for a security camera. ( there was a recent thread on that.. ) Suggest checking out the Blue Iris section, as...
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    Request Ideas for cameras for BI?

    Hi @Bluediamond There are a number of member reviews on 8MP Dahua OEM cameras which have the same sensor here on IPCAMTALK. Search of IPC-HxW48xx models and you should find some which should be good.
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    You won't ever see 4MP video, said the man

    Hi @ipOsX A lot depends on the monitor / tv - with a "4K" UHD or better I would think you should be able to find a setting which will properly display 4MP / 5MP in a subset of the monitor screen at it's native pixel resolution. ( imho a lot depends on the firmware of the monitor / screen )
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    Driveway camera

    Welcome @MNapple Please see the LPR thread section, reading plates at night requires the camera to be tuned for that - and will mean you need to dedicate a camera for that function. Also note it is a bit of an art form so plan to take some time to test and adjust the settings.