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  1. VorlonFrog

    Need an indoor wifi Camera to work with Blue Iris

    Search ebay.co.uk for FDT cameras. It's Amcrest's 'European' trade name. Avoid the older 720P cameras and get the 1080P for about 50 GBP, or a refurb/return for about 35 GBP.
  2. VorlonFrog

    Home Renovation Delayed a Year (!), Are My Camera Choices Still Relavant?

    There are newer and higher-resolution cameras available, but both the 4231 fixed-focus and 5231 varifocal Starlight models are still QUITE good cameras. Picture quality is excellent, and night vision is incredible.
  3. VorlonFrog

    Are my cameras corrupted?

    Be absolutely certain uPnP is DISABLED on any networking equipment you have, especially your main router. If you're port-forwarding through NAT to any of these cameras, turn that off, as well.
  4. VorlonFrog

    Cameras for small business

    Dell has their PowerEdge T30 Xeon 1225v5 server on sale for $300 with a discount code. (If you hurry).
  5. VorlonFrog

    Cameras for small business

    You can save a TON of $$$ by selecting fewer and much better cameras. Budget $130-to-$150 per camera for up to six outdoor turret cameras. Then about $100 each for Hikvision or Dahua cube cameras indoors. Pick four to six locations inside. Add another $350-to-$500 for a used late model...
  6. VorlonFrog

    IP camera - which infrared leds i need to buy for replacemnt

    850nm leds are what you seek
  7. VorlonFrog

    Hikvision 8 MP 'cube' camera DS-2CD2483G0-IW

    And they cancelled my order. Refunded my $$$, so that's okay. It appears these are out of stock everywhere. :( I really wanted to review that camera.
  8. VorlonFrog

    DS-2CD2122FWD-IS improve night illumination

    For about $55, you can get an adjustable focus "IR Cannon" Search the forum for threads, and I'll see if I can find the AliExpress link for you.
  9. VorlonFrog

    Amcrest IP4M-1051B 4MP Pan-Tilt (Dahua hardware)

    $90 USD at Amazon.com Incredible picture quality, pan-tilt, wide 120-degree Field of Vision. Dual-band 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz wifi capabilities, also wired Ethernet. 2688x1520P at 20fps | 3MP and 1080P at 30fps Omnivision OV4659 image sensor, Ambarella S3LM chipset Classic Dahua firmware, default IP...
  10. VorlonFrog

    Inside camera with 5ghz wifi and true BI/onvif

    I just received the 4MP UHD Amcrest IP4M-1051B. For $90 USD, the picture quality on this Amcrest rebrand of a Dahua camera is spectacular. Save $8 USD and buy the refurb.
  11. VorlonFrog

    Hikvision 8 MP 'cube' camera DS-2CD2483G0-IW

    I used blue painters masking tape to cover all the delicate spots on mine. Had to go back with a cotton swab to touch up the missed spots.
  12. VorlonFrog

    iOS remote monitoring for a Dahua DH-SD29204T-GN?

    If you were using Blue Iris at home to record the camera, there's a great iOS app for BlueIris.
  13. VorlonFrog

    Hikvision 8 MP 'cube' camera DS-2CD2483G0-IW

    Nice job! I did this with the original Annke I61DR cube camera, but that old 2 MP camera has seen a lot of abuse and the paint tended to scratch/flake off. How's yours holding up?
  14. VorlonFrog

    Why is it so hard to find affordable in-wall outdoor POE cams?

    I've been searching for other cameras, and if you end up going the DIY route, the XMeye/XiaoMai/TOP-201 Hi3516 cameras might be a less expensive choice. You can buy PoE modules that bolt/stack onto the camera board. Or take a $25 Wyze wifi cube camera and tuck the USB power supply inside the...
  15. VorlonFrog

    Hikvision 8 MP 'cube' camera DS-2CD2483G0-IW

    Well . . . since nobody else bit, I just ordered it. Wish it were all black, but that's what Krylon spray paint is for, right?
  16. VorlonFrog

    Advice for indoor camera

    Look on eBay.co.uk for the FDT brand of the Amcrest item.
  17. VorlonFrog

    total reset hikvision ds-2cd2232-i5

    https://www.hikvision.com/UploadFile/image/2013101807085470436.pdf Page 3 shows the reset button on the back of the camera. Page 4 shows what appears to be your camera, with no external reset button. Time to disassemble the camera and look inside. You might also check for similar Foscam...
  18. VorlonFrog

    HiSilicon-Jovision clone cam_JVS-HI3516CS-DE-7601

    How about dropping the quotes and the 'start' argument, and only sending http://x.x.x.x/cgi-bin/jvsweb.cgi?cmd=telnetd
  19. VorlonFrog

    Hikvision 8 MP 'cube' camera DS-2CD2483G0-IW

    $125 on AliExpress Who'll be first to give it a shot and drop some bucks ?
  20. VorlonFrog

    What’s in your garage ?

    He sure ain't mining bitcoins . . . Or is he?
  21. VorlonFrog

    Red hue on edge of image?

    I'd return it under warranty and explicitly include a printed photo of the image posted here. Tell them the IR filter is defective, causing image degradation.
  22. VorlonFrog

    Camera connection issues at power source

    I agree with @mikeynags there should be some kind of gasket between the box and the box faceplate.
  23. VorlonFrog

    Red hue on edge of image?

    It could be the IR filter is not 100% retracted or deployed, or the IR filter (actually a thin plastic film) is defective. How old is the camera?
  24. VorlonFrog

    Why is it so hard to find affordable in-wall outdoor POE cams?

    I think you may save a few millimeters by shucking the plastic case from the camera, but yeah, after saying it, thought maybe a two-gang box would work better with the camera positioned sideways.
  25. VorlonFrog

    HiSilicon-Jovision clone cam_JVS-HI3516CS-DE-7601

    http://x.x.x.x/cgi-bin/jvsweb.cgi?cmd="telnetd start"
  26. VorlonFrog

    Why is it so hard to find affordable in-wall outdoor POE cams?

    Sounds like a good opportunity to shuck a Hikvision or Dahua 'cube' camera and install the guts into a one-gang box with a 3d-printed faceplate.
  27. VorlonFrog

    Internal camera recommendation

    The FDT camera mentioned above is actually Dahua hardware, badged as FDT by the Amcrest group.
  28. VorlonFrog

    firmware update ZIP and all the files enclosed

    All contains all available language translations. EngSpnFrn is English/Spanish/French translations only.
  29. VorlonFrog

    A5m recovery

    Longse factory reset $69 motorized varifocal 4x (2.8mm-12mm) Longse You may find some help in these two threads . . .
  30. VorlonFrog

    Internal camera recommendation

    Best bets indoors are Hikvision 'cube' cameras and the Dahua equivalent 'cube' camera. IPC-K35 is the Dahua model number. Amcrest (branded as FDT) have a 1080P pan-tilt camera.