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  1. handinpalm

    Amazon Workers May Be Watching Your Cloud Cam Home Footage

    Does this actually surprise anyone? If you have Amazon products, they are listening and watching constantly. That is what they do, along w/ Google. Anyone using these products from Amazon & Google deserve what they get. Just another reason to stay away from Amazon. Once they have a monopoly...
  2. handinpalm

    Teenager vs light pole

    Now they can replace the street light w/ LED. Good editing.
  3. handinpalm

    New tool automates phishing attacks that bypass 2FA

    Don't you have to forward ports to use Skype?
  4. handinpalm

    Overlay weather ?

    If you are referring to weather overlay in BI tools, you can overlay multiple cams. Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!
  5. handinpalm

    New tool automates phishing attacks that bypass 2FA

    I only have 1 IOT device (thermostat that had to be used w/ HVAC) in my home. I placed the device on a guest WIFI and blocked it from the LAN (ASUS Router). Same w/ Roku sticks. I hope this is enough.
  6. handinpalm

    New tool automates phishing attacks that bypass 2FA

    Now this is really scary. This reverse proxy tool can circumvent your 2 factor authentication. This just happened on large scale with YouTube accounts. And I thought my online financial transactions with 2FA were safe. Have to be extra careful about phishing attacks! New tool automates...
  7. handinpalm

    What defines "current image" when sending sms alerts

    Here is the text from help file. From what I have experienced, the pic sent is the frame where the actual trigger occured. "You may choose to Attach current image. Technically this then becomes an MMSmessage, and your carrier may require another gateway address for that. Some popular MMS...
  8. handinpalm

    What defines "current image" when sending sms alerts

    I have tested MMS messages and BI app push notifications simultaneously for my alerts. I found the BI push notifications were consistently a few seconds faster than my carriers MMS (Googlefi/Tmobile). I have all my alerts pushed through BI app now. YMMV.
  9. handinpalm

    Review-Dahua IPC-HFW1831C-PIR 4k Mini Bullet

    The power budget for the JGS516PE: 15.4W per port for ports 1–8. The label on the cam states ~12W power input. That is typically steady state current/power. You probably exceeded the power budget w/ the inrush current of the cam. I would try a POE+ switch w/ 25.5W rating. I always buy a...
  10. handinpalm

    a few nights later

    I would think that one main difference is you must have a good number to call the police. The average Joe has to call 911. Ever try to look up the emergency report number to your local police dept? There is only a general operator number for any type of call (non-emergency). I worry about...
  11. handinpalm

    You may smell, but I'm ugly, so...

    The possum already smells, he may think of it as perfume.
  12. handinpalm

    zone crossing fine tuning

    I do not think you will ever get any good results w/ movement behind your fence. You will have to add a cam on the other side, or move the existing one. I find best results using 3 zones and the equation like AB>C. Your zones are too small for the "object travels 65" pixels" setting...
  13. handinpalm

    loading h.264 player... BUSY

    I have 3, win10 laptops running UI3 ver 39 in Chrome. I am still running BI 4.8x on the server. All of a sudden the 2 oldest laptops exhibited the same problem loading h.264 player. I went into Chrome advanced settings and just deleted all references to the BI server LAN address. Seems to...
  14. handinpalm

    Input/suggestions for night time footage

    May want to add a timestamp embedded on your video and sync to a NTP server.
  15. handinpalm

    Front door install with video clips

    Rotate the lens, then change the orientation in the Dahua software, so the video displays correctly.
  16. handinpalm

    Front door install with video clips

    Good clean install. You may want to rotate your video (FOV) 90 degrees so you have better view of the entryway instead of the brick walls. May even be able to see packages sitting there.
  17. handinpalm

    Point to Junction Boxes for Soffit Mount?

    Most dielectric grease is silicone based. Just apply enough to coat the contacts, don't need to glob it on. It actually only needs to be about 1 molecule thick to work. It keeps the metal from oxidizing/corroding, especially in moist environments. The pressure of the contacts displaces the...
  18. handinpalm

    Problem with order from Andy (Empiretecandy) and need advice

    If USPS loses your package, your screwed. I have had many a USPS package lost. Packages that I sent to myself at home address, lost, they will not even return your postage, unless you insure the package. Sometimes the package shows up out of the blue, about a month later. Even if you track...
  19. handinpalm

    Walmart reveals it's tracking checkout theft with AI-powered cameras in 1,000 stores

    The Walmartians are beginning to panic w/ this technology.
  20. handinpalm

    NSA Director Keynoting Dahua and Hikvision Sponsored Cybersecurity Conference

    Note that Hikvision is ~42% owned by Chinese Gov't. Wonder what is in their firmware? NSA Director Keynoting Dahua and Hikvision Sponsored Cybersecurity Conference CETC = Chinese Gov't
  21. handinpalm

    Duct Tape Guy

    Don't forget the hoodies!
  22. handinpalm

    First Blue Iris Setup - Motion / Zones Help

    I think your object size is set way too high, especially for the far zones. Tweek the "contrast" and "object travels" down also. It takes a lot of walking around at different light conditions to get everything set somewhat good. Use the "highlight on motion" when walking to see how many...
  23. handinpalm

    Duct Tape Guy

    Endless entertainment.
  24. handinpalm


    I should have been more clear. IR light w/ painted plates.
  25. handinpalm


    Hum, looks kind of like the trick the red light & Toll runners were using with visible white light flashes from the cameras. They would spray paint their plates w/ clear gloss Krylon paint. When the camera flash would hit it, the entire plate would reflect light and make the description...
  26. handinpalm

    Pear Tree Falls Over

    Could you send me some pears?
  27. handinpalm

    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Good synopsis @SecuritySeeker. I guess using h26x encoding in low light, the algorithm has to make a determination if the pixel changed between frames. This "threshold" of change between frames evidently is hard to discern in the algorithm. That is a good explanation on why the algorithm does...
  28. handinpalm

    Presidential State Visit

    You are so right Brian. The News is the culprit. They want to stir things up and have as much sensationalism as possible, so people will want to watch the talking heads. The Media is the Enemy.
  29. handinpalm

    Port forwarding could be okay... perhaps if you use MAC address filtering?

    I believe the hackers have an easy tool to spoof MAC addresses, common practice. I would never use that feature. Stick to VPN. Good try though.
  30. handinpalm

    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Obviously, this cam does not have optical zoom. You must not review recordings to see special interests. You also cannot digital zoom a pic. Never mind......