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  1. Snapper30

    I bet I have something that you don't have.

    Do you have a body cam hidden in the logo on the cap?
  2. Snapper30

    Can I use a Wifi camera as a stand alone device?

    Thanks for the detailed explanation @TonyR. And great idea for a hitch cam!
  3. Snapper30

    Lightning Woes

    @psychodad1000 Was the surviving camera connected to the POE switch also?
  4. Snapper30

    Great camera placement?

    Yes. I wonder where the camera was located and the height must have been around the 5 foot level.
  5. Snapper30

    How to properly wire/mount cameras... new construction

    That's good to hear. Looking forward to seeing how things went.
  6. Snapper30

    Day time smash and grab on a parked car in driveway

    Looks like a MOLLE type of backpack, possibly used for a bugout or emergency bag. Definitely knew what they were after and which vehicle. POS thieves. Time to trim the bushes and add a better camera for plates.
  7. Snapper30

    Burning Some Calories

    All she wants to do is dance, dance.
  8. Snapper30

    Car Door Repair In Progress

    I'd say the repair is finished...
  9. Snapper30

    Odd Saturday morning behavior.

    A rough Friday night, left by his friends, or any of the above suggestions. Noticing unusual or out-of-the-ordinary activities or behavior is part of why we have camera systems. Good call @looney2ns in notifying the local LEO.
  10. Snapper30

    Monitoring setup

    Yes, I like it. Tks for posting.
  11. Snapper30

    How to properly wire/mount cameras... new construction

    @105437 How is the install going? Lot's of good advice given.
  12. Snapper30

    Looking for 8 port PoE switch

    I have the IPCamPower and haven't had any issues with it so far. I purchased mine used from Nelly's Security Garage Sale.
  13. Snapper30

    Looking for 8 port PoE switch

    Check the suggestion list found here "PoE Switch Suggestion List"
  14. Snapper30

    Open Eave Roof - bullet cameras

    Nicely done, especially painting the conduit and junction boxes.
  15. Snapper30

    Just a friendly reminder!

    Wow, that is a noticeable difference! @rufunky How long since the lens had been cleaned? Love the hoax info too.
  16. Snapper30

    My test rig: rev.2

    @Mr_D Great ideas to improve the test rig; I'll be copying a couple of your ideas to upgrade my rig.
  17. Snapper30

    Porch Pirate Breaks Ankle

    My wife showed me the video today. Just deserts. The best part is that my wife is recognizing good vs useless cam videos now - thanks to all on this site for that!
  18. Snapper30

    bentley bumps ZL1

    That is a nice catch.
  19. Snapper30

    Package Thief

    Looks like Puff Daddy. Did you get a good shot of the rear license plate to compare to the front? The front plate looks like it's is hanging loose due to the front end damage, but you never know.
  20. Snapper30

    Wall of shame

    A little touch-up paint and it'll blend right in...
  21. Snapper30

    Need Advice - Pull cables between floors with offset walls

    Has anyone run cables where the first and second story walls are offset from each other, i.e. not co-planar? I'm hoping someone has and can offer some advice for pulling new cables in this scenario. The drawing has more details on the layout. The best idea so far is to remove the bathroom...
  22. Snapper30

    Monitor at a distance from NVR

    Welcome. Yes, it is possible. What type of video output does the NVR have? What distances are you considering between the NVR and display?
  23. Snapper30

    Running CAT POE through return air ducts.

    You also may want to have a good HVAC company check your system to make sure the missing return isn't affecting anything.
  24. Snapper30

    Camera For Front Door/Porch

    Concur with the camera recommendation. I bought a HDBW4231F-AS a couple weeks ago from Andy. My front door faces North so the mount should never see direct sunlight.
  25. Snapper30

    Running CAT POE through return air ducts.

    Time to pull the plans and then call the builder... On the other hand, you may have lucked out with your very own cable chase and you won't have to buy plenum rated cables.
  26. Snapper30

    Cat5e Fishing Advise

    Welcome Dunn. One idea is to use PVC boards to mount your cameras. "Using Home Depot PVC to install outdoor cameras" I also saw a post where someone fastens the cams to flat stock and slips it into the channel where the soffit sits. You can slide the stock around to find the best camera...
  27. Snapper30

    New PC’s for the office

    Licenses could be an issue for Office too. MS may have a deal for Small Business if you buy five licenses etc. Enterprises deploy software in a batch from a server or one source so that may be a better option than loading several discs one by one on each machine. I used to refurb computers...
  28. Snapper30

    Suggestions on ethernet cable

    This. Monoprice or Cables Matter have a good rep and some are available on Amazon. Pre-terminated will be harder to run in walls, etc. if that matters. Yes, solid copper, not CCA as @looney2ns posted, especially for in-wall installation. Stranded copper is more flexible and generally used...
  29. Snapper30

    Is there a preferred PC for running BluIris with 8 cameras?

    The 5040's and 3050 I bought only have HDMI and Display Port for video out. I forgot to mention, a lot of the OEM manufacturers encoded the OS COA into the hardware (BIOS/mobo) so reinstalling is usually painless. Unfortunately MS has ended the free WIN 10 upgrade period, but you would be...
  30. Snapper30

    Is there a preferred PC for running BluIris with 8 cameras?

    Yes, the cost of building a workstation is more than buying one ready to go. Correct, BI does not support H.265 now, but I chose to go with an i5-6500 rather than a 4th gen processor so i won't have to upgrade if/when H.265 is added.