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    anyone using telus for internet provider?

    Cant seem to get blue iris mobile to connect in anyway to the supplied modem actiontec t3200m. Has anyone else ran into this im guessing only way around this is to buy another modem and bridge it. only way i can view my cameras is from blue iris pc and if i log into the camera itself but can...
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    TELUS and vpn

    anyone running TELUS fibre optic and have been able to setup a vpn? I have a ont box feeding a actiontec t3200m router that doesn’t appear to be vpn capable just wondering if anyone else has been down this road and what they did to get around this issue. I new and learning I’ve got blue iris...
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    Actiontec t3200m

    hi bear with me as I’m learning and really don’t know anything yet. I don’t see anyway to do a vpn with this router. It’s the one TELUS provides with fibre optic I have a ont box before it.(Nokia I believe is the brand of that one). Dd-wrt and the likes don’t support this router Where does...