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    Camera on different network.

    I need to add a camera that's on a different wireless network to my own group of cameras, is there any way to go about this? Thanks
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    PTZ movement

    Hello, I have a few ptz cams moving for most of the day, do you guys use anything to keep them lubricated? Thanks.
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    Blue iris Panning option

    I understand that, but i want panning.
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    Blue iris Panning option

    Hello, I noticed that the Amcrest software has a panning option that you can set up how far left and right you wanted to go, and the speed of the panning as well. Is there any way I can do that with Blue Iris? Would be nice to be able to run a schedule with that option.
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    PTZ Zone Help

    The camera moves great, but whatever area I have set on preset 1. Moves with the camera. I can see the green area I have set on one preset moving as I pan. Creating unwanted alerts.
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    PTZ Zone Help

    I have a Ptz with 3 presets on my driveway, Preset 1 in front of the driveway to as zone A. For preset 2 I have another zone as B. And preset 3 as zone C. When I'm panning the camera presets the area that I have as preset 1 zone A. Moves while I'm panning around.