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  1. Mjminino

    8000274C IP Address TImeout

    Does anyone know what would make this happen out of nowhere? It happened at 11am this morning and all 11 of my other cameras work just fine. This is a SD49225T-HN PTZ and I have tried to restart the camera through BI and nothing. I also tried to go to the actual IP address and that didn't work...
  2. Mjminino

    New update issue

    Is anyone else having CPU usage troubles after this newest update? In Blue Iris it says it is maxed out, but in the task Manger it is normal usage. Even though the task manager shows it as normal usage the Entire Computer is acting as the openness fully maxed as in the mouse skipping can't bring...
  3. Mjminino

    Issues with alerts.

    I recently downloaded the new update ( x64) and ever since June 24th, all of my alerts are sped up super fast. I have changed no settings whatsoever and my June 23rd and prior alerts playback at normal speed. This goes for all cameras which is leading me to believe it is a global issue...
  4. Mjminino


    Do any of you have any signs that mention "you're on camera"? I am going to get some of these
  5. Mjminino

    New member here!

    Thanks for having me! I have already learned a lot and there is so much more to learn, very overwhelming! I have already made the mistake of getting Zmodo N-Channel Business Security System with 24 sPoE Cameras, 8 Wireless Cameras & 3 Repeaters for $1,000 and I was told that it is garbage...