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    Which system?

    I setting up a small security system in a small building. These are both roughly the same price. I know the lorex is 4k. Which would be a better buy. Thanks. Lorex 16-channel 4K NVR with 3 TB HDD and 6 4MP Bullet Cameras and 3 4MP Dome Cameras Costco Wholesale Check this out at...
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    Old cctv camera.

    Somebody gave me this camera. It's seems older and from china. It came with a wireless usb thing that plugs in your computer. Can't seem to find a driver for my computer for it. is there a app for my phone I could use go connect to it? Any information would be great. I know nothing about these...
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    Starlight dome

    In a 30x starlight dahua. Is it better to have the dome? Does it affect the night vision. I live in a area with lots of snow.
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    Dahua opinions

    Just wondering if anyone had any opinion about these items. They are aliexpress and he had a alot of great feedback. NVR5208/5216/5232-4KS2 | Dahua Technology SD50430U-HNI | Dahua Technology These were the 2 items I was gonna start with and build from there. I'm very new to this. Thanks