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  1. J

    microphone wind noise

    Hi hope your all staying safe. I recently installed a microseven to my DH-SD42212T-HN camera. and overall i'm really pleased with it.. the sound capture is good maybe a little to good. what i have noticed is a slight buzzing and a bit of wind noise. when viewing on my tv or laptop. so does...
  2. J

    microseven question

    Hi all i hope your all staying safe and well, I've purchased a M 7. i'm just waiting for it to arrive i know it may be a few weeks but no worries. anyway before it come's i have a couple of questions some of you may know the answers to. i'm sure you will. i have a Dahua SD42212T-HN. I have it...
  3. J

    Microphone query

    Hi i hope your all staying safe.. i have a DH-SD42212T-HN..i'm looking to had a microphone to this cam. iv' had a good look round and it seems the best one is the micro 7 . but i cannot get hold of one of these in the uk. so as anyone in the uk fitted any other type of microphone and if yes is...
  4. J


    I would hust like to say a very big thank-you to Andy who as just helped me get some new firmware for my ptz .. his response was very fast and his help spot on.. a amazing guy.. again thankyou Andy ,
  5. J

    Return of spike

    Pleased to see spike is back and he as a lady friend. he's playing it cool.. looks like he like's her,,
  6. J

    SD42212I-HC firmware

    Hi could anyone let me know if they have updated the firmware on this model SD42212I-HC. even if they is a new firmware for this model.. and if they have do you still need a plugin to view in a browser. or did the update solve the plugin problem. thank-you
  7. J

    Help setting up tour times

    Hi everyone Happy new year to you all. I need a bit of help i'm having proper difficulty trying to setup the times to do the tour on my dahua ptz. i thought i'd done everything right but it seems not. iv'e put how i set things up in the pics can anyone see were iv'e gone wrong or know how to set...
  8. J

    PTZ Questions

    Hi all merry xmas to you all I have a couple of questions about my ptz that i think can someone can let me know if it will work before i spend hours trying out .. no 1 if i set my cam to go from A to B and stay in position B for 1 hour. and then go back to A and stay they for 1 hour. is...
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    Smart TV

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows how to view a dahua camera on my Smart tv. the tv is connected to the web . i put in my local ip address for the camera. the tv loads the dahua web browser no problem. but on the live view its asking to download the plugin. this is were things go wrong it won't...
  10. J


    I'm looking for a really good micrphone for my sd42212t-hn ptz. as anyone tried this one. and would it work ok with my sd42212t hn,, Dahua DH-HSA200
  11. J

    PTZ presets

    Hi Before i start looking all over youtube i thought i'd ask on here first.. is it possible to have the preset to start tours so that i can set it to go to a preset area from a set position and start at a preset time. and stay focused on that area for a preset time. so say start from set...
  12. J

    Dahua login promt

    Hi does anyone know how to stop the promt login i keep getting on dahua interface. after around 15 minutes if i haven't used the ptz or other functions i get the login promt is they a way to stop this i cant find it in settings.. and 1 other thing i'm using gdmss lite for away viewing p2p. but...
  13. J

    out with the old in with the new

    As the title says i replaced a existing fixed focal camera for a ptz in my aviary. its a DH-SD42212T-HN 12 times zoom. a lot more than i needed but i got a very good deal so it was a no brainer. i have a few things i could do with some help.. feed back on.. 1 the auto focus is not very good. any...
  14. J

    positive x negative

    Hi before i power up i just want to be sure these wires are in correctly . red=positive black=negative camera side black with white stripe=positive black=negative power block
  15. J

    Return of spike

    It's good to see spike the hedgehog is still hanging around . i always thought my fat lazy cat was out hunting mice.. only in her dreams,
  16. J

    stream-guide deleted

    As the dahua-rtmp-youtube-stream-guide been removed from the forum i can't find it now,
  17. J

    Cat vs parrot

    Cat 5 cable that is. I've just had to make a repair on the cat 5 cable that I use for a mouse to view the cctv. Knocker my African grey parrot chewed through the cable. I've made a temporary repair. I have got a in line block. But this will do for now,
  18. J

    2nd opinion,

    What i'm planning on doing. is setting up a dvr in one of my sheds in the garden. Basically i have a old Swann 4 channel DVR. its not a HD one. i only want to view the cameras via the Swann netviewer app on my laptop at home. how i plan on doing this is this way. I have my indoor router. and...
  19. J

    DVR recording

    Hi I have a Hikvision 4 ch DVR with a 1TB hard drive. i recently noticed it only records all 4 channels continuously for around 10 days. is this normal or should it record longer i assumed it would be around 30 days recording. i have looked at the settings but all seem ok,
  20. J

    DVR recording

    I have a cheap HiWatch by Hikvision DVR-104G-F1 4 Ch 2MP 1080P DVR HDTVI/HDCVI/AHD/CVBS CCTV Digital Video Recorder 4 Channel it as a 1tb Harddrive that records all 4 channels no problem. it also allows a ip camera to be connected only 1 via ip address. is they a way to incorporate this camera...
  21. J

    DH-SD1A203T-GN info

    I'm looking for a camera to put inside a bird aviary. it as to be a dome type for safety reasons. they is no real need for IR lights because its mainly daylight viewing. specs needed 2mp or more. plus a good quality built in mic and also i want it to be a ptz 3 times zoom or more. i want to set...
  22. J

    Return of spike

    Really pleased to see spike the hedgehog as made it through the winter months ok. he even looks a little bit fatter. he's eating some ham i put out for him and his partner both of them were here a couple of nights ago,,
  23. J

    Hik Connect problem mobile App

    Hi all i'm having a problem getting to view hik connect on my mobile. i have a 4 channel DVR. i did set it up ok on a previous mobile no problems at all. i have now replaced my mobile and did have hik connect set up no problem on my new phone i simply opened the menu on the dvr scanned the code...
  24. J

    dvr problem

    Hi all I have 16 camera dahua dvr its only a low level entry 720p model. ive had it working ok for a couple of years now. it still is working ok viewing on the TV i have it connected to. but the problem i'm having is viewing the cameras online. i recently had my broadband go down local mast or...
  25. J

    vpn with virgin media

    Hi is they anyone in the UK using a vpn with virgin media. i can;t seem to find a way to use one without having to pay for the service. i'm using a virgin media Hub 3 and of course there broadband service. i have looked on google and many youtube videos but it seems i need to pay for a vpn or...
  26. J

    Nice tits

    Lovely little pair of blue tits feeding , And if it's not the starlings taking all the food it;s the wood pigeon,
  27. J

    looking for better cameras

    Hi as the title says i'm looking for better cameras to view the birds in my aviary's. iv'e had these cameras in the aviary's for over a year now. they were quite cheap cameras just so i could see if they would be ok and survive the birds and the weather just for testing as such . now ia'm quite...
  28. J

    Hik connect app

    Hi all i'm having issues trying to view my cameras in the hikvision mobile app. I've recently got a new mobile phone android. i have the app running no problem on my other phone same make as my new one but a newer model. when i installed the app on my new phone it wont let me see my cameras i...
  29. J

    Doves and starlings

    A few birds feeding in my garden doves and starlings. you can see why they called starling with all the markings on them,
  30. J

    PTZ maker

    Hi is they a way to find out who the manufacturer of my cameras is. it is branded as a Qvis PTZIR-IP20A..but it certainly wasn't built by Qvis .. no problem with the camera its a great one but i'm curious who actually built it,