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    Camera plan + advice needed for in the Netherlands

    Hi Guys, Im just going to start ride off with the information so i hope you guys want to read it all: Current situation: Aliexpress 4 "HD" wifi cameras with NVR 1TB 2 cameras hanging: One on the front and one in the back, like 3,5 meters high. 2 spare cameras not in use, because of the future...
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    A IPcam n00b from the Netherlands

    Hello All, I've been watching and reading on this forum for quite some time. Because i want to upgrade my "camera" system. I've bought 3 years ago (ahum kuch kuch shame shame) a aliexpress wifi cam set for 200 bucks, with 4 cameras and 1 tb HDD and a NVR, and truth to be told, for the money its...