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  1. Mr-Gizmo

    Alexa not discovering Blue Iris

    I was told by support that how Blue Iris used Alexa was depreciated by Amazon. Sent on 11-15-2019
  2. Mr-Gizmo

    BI 5 and Auto Tracking

    You need to change it on all cameras in Blue Iris camera settings -> Trigger tab and click on configure button.
  3. Mr-Gizmo

    BI 5 and Auto Tracking

    That's because you are recording Continuous, so the footage is recorded to a BVR file. The problem is Blue Iris is missing motion triggers, so it is not creating Alert images to where motion was triggered in your recorded footage. This may be the result of you enabling "Object detection"...
  4. Mr-Gizmo

    Cannot connect Amazon Alexa and Blue Iris

    I was told by Blue Iris support that Amazon Echo Dot support no longer works in Blue Iris 5. See following post
  5. Mr-Gizmo

    Amazon Echo Dot Hybrid support will no longer work in Blue Iris

    I sent the following e-mail message to Blue Iris support concerning Alexa no longer being able to control Blue Iris and cameras. I used to be able to control Blue Iris 5 from my Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation device. Some time ago, about 1-2 months, it stopped working with Alexa. The following...
  6. Mr-Gizmo

    "Error Importing Registry Key 5"

    bp2008, is there any chance that the import problem may be a permission issue on the "a1" registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Perspective Software\Blue Iris\?
  7. Mr-Gizmo

    Trying to open BI recordings from harddrive, says i need to run as admin

    Recording your camera using .BVR file container allows you to open and play that clip while it is still being recorded. Normally, in order to play a video clip you have to wait for all recording to stop and the file to be closed. If you record 24/7 continuously (not triggered), then .BVR offers...
  8. Mr-Gizmo

    Trying to open BI recordings from harddrive, says i need to run as admin

    You won't see an option for "Run as administrator" when you right click on a video file. You will see "Play" or "Open in Blue Iris". I suspect you are recording with BVR in Blue Iris as the file container format. The .BVR format is exclusive to Blue Iris. When you double click on a recording...
  9. Mr-Gizmo

    Running BI in Virtualbox, will Intel hardware acceleration work?

    Yes, try changing Hardware accelerated decode from Intel+vpp to Intel.
  10. Mr-Gizmo

    BI-based system installed with tips from this site

    IAmATeaf, since tai4de2 cameras are configured for 15fps, then 1 I-frame per second is the same as saying an I-frame interval every 15 frames. So he matched the camera's frame rate to the i-frame interval, with the exception of his wifi camera where the I-frame is every 5 seconds. That means his...
  11. Mr-Gizmo

    For people encountering unexplained high CPU utilization

    As of last night, Microsoft has released a mega Patch Tuesday update (80 security fixes) that also brought a fix for a several-week-old Cortana bug that was causing high CPU usage for Windows 10 version 1903 users. Here the link Microsoft: We've fixed Windows 10 1903's Cortana CPU spike bug | ZDNet
  12. Mr-Gizmo

    Blue Iris Companion Setup

    The Blue Iris Local Address in Blue Iris Companion (BIC) is the IP address of your PC running Blue Iris 4 / 5 including the port number. This is the 192.168.x.x address you mentioned and is only accessible from inside your Local Area Network (LAN). The port number is the webserver port that Blue...
  13. Mr-Gizmo

    For people encountering unexplained high CPU utilization

    From my understanding, it doesn't affect all PCs running 1903 with KB4512941. Microsoft is reporting that only a small percentage of users are encountering this problem. If anyone has an unexplained increase in CPU usage, check Task Manager and look for high CPU usage from SearchUI.exe. If so...
  14. Mr-Gizmo

    For people encountering unexplained high CPU utilization

    If you running Windows 10 1903 and are experiencing unexplained higher than normal CPU utilization, cumulative update KB4512941 may be the culprit. If you have the Professional edition, you can uninstall this update and defer the monthly cumulative updates for up to 30 days. You maybe able to...
  15. Mr-Gizmo

    V5 - High CPU when scrolling alerts / playing back

    I believe unselecting the "Also BVR" will reduce the spike in CPU when viewing clips. Try changing "Video during Remote Desktop" from "5-sec update" to "unrestricted". It won't reduce CPU utilization but it should provide smoother live video frame rates during a remote desktop session. This is...
  16. Mr-Gizmo

    V5 - High CPU when scrolling alerts / playing back

    Mike Li, are all your IP cameras video encoding configured for H.264 or H.265 or H.264+? Currently, Intel Quick Sync in Blue Iris does not yet support H.265 or H.264+, so make sure your IP cameras are configured to use H.264 otherwise you will get no reduction in CPU utilization. Also, try...
  17. Mr-Gizmo

    Issues with BI5 since upgrade from BI4

    This may be a situation where an object like a your daughter's car may be located so it is always in 2 zones. For example, the frontend of her car is in zone A and the rear of her car in zone B. In this situation, it never crosses into the other zone because it is already in both. This would...
  18. Mr-Gizmo

    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    Word of warning, don't switch back and forth between BI4 and BI5, it will create problems. Uninstalling BI4 will mess up BI5 settings so make sure you back up BI5 settings. I would make a backup using REGEDIT because it works outside of Blue Iris. REGEDIT /E...
  19. Mr-Gizmo

    BI5 UI refresh loop when accessing through RDP

    In the past, you needed to change "Video during Remote Desktop" to "Unrestricted" in order to view live video frame rates during a RDP session. If you already tried this and it didn't resolved your problem, then you will need to pause the Live Video once you connect with a RDP session. I found...
  20. Mr-Gizmo

    BI 5: Lost Connection to Service

    By your own admission, it appears that the Blue Iris crashes started to occur after a power outage. It is likely that either the Windows OS system files, registry and/or Blue Iris may have suffered corruptions. I would first recommend running a "CHKDSK C: /F" from an Administrator elevated CMD...
  21. Mr-Gizmo

    Ghosting only in recordings, not live

    I was going to recommend reducing the bitrate from 16384 kbps to something between 8192 - 12288 kbps. I remember reading a post on this forum about someone having a ghosting/video tearing problems with a 4K camera that was resolved by reducing the bitrate and the framerate.
  22. Mr-Gizmo

    Prebuffer setting ignored in

    I have Pre-Trigger video buffer set to 3 seconds on all my cameras. I have not noticed any problems where a motion triggered event does not include the 3 seconds of video before the trigger. Does your camera's Frame rate match the I-Frame interval?
  23. Mr-Gizmo

    BI 5 High CPU Usage and Memory

    I have been dealing with support over the past few days, I can tell you that Blue Iris 5 versions,, and had memory leak issues. It looks like version resolved this issue for me and few others.
  24. Mr-Gizmo

    After updating to BI v5.0.0.61, BI crashes on re-launch

    It looks like the update version x64 resolved my crash problems. After updating to version x64, Blue Iris 5 did not crash on launch. I am running Blue Iris version as an application, not as a service. I have closed Blue Iris 5 (console) multiple times and re-launched...
  25. Mr-Gizmo

    Forgot to unstall Blue Iris 4 as a Windows 10 Service

    Since BI4 was still running as a service when you upgraded to BI5, I'm pretty sure this caused a conflict. Both BI4 and BI5 share the same settings location in the Windows registry. What is the best way to recover from this depends upon whether you have exported BI4 settings before installing...
  26. Mr-Gizmo

    After updating to BI v5.0.0.61, BI crashes on re-launch

    Version: Release x64 OS: Windows 10 Pro CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz [22%] RAM: 480.9M After updating to Blue Iris v5.0.0.61 x64, Blue Iris crashes after the update finishes and tries to re-launch Blue Iris. Task Manager shows that Blue Iris is not running in memory. I...
  27. Mr-Gizmo

    recorded clips no timestamp

    Make sure you checked "Enable overlays" in BI camera properties -> Video tab. I just tried exporting a Direct-to-Disk BVR video and it added the date and time BI overlay to my exported clip.
  28. Mr-Gizmo

    Cameras 1 hour behind until I login

    The only way I know to add a BI date and time stamp with Direct-to-disk is to export the clip later. In order for this to work, the recording file type container must be BVR and you need to check "Add the camera's current text and graphic overlay" box in the export window.
  29. Mr-Gizmo

    Blue Iris Question about unchecking "run as Windows service"?

    In regards to Blue Iris 4 or 5, when you uncheck "Run as a Windows service" in the Startup tab. Does this stop the BlueIris service and remove it automatically so it doesn't show up under the Windows 10 Services Management console or would I have to do this afterwards? For example, if I opened...