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    Flashing Blue Border on Camera

    One of my Dahua's has a flashing blue border instead of a solid blue border all my other cameras have a solid blue border... I rebooted the camera and it didn't help?
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    Changed Router and Cams Don't Display Now

    I have had five camera's controlled by Blue Iris three Dahua, a doorbell camera, and HYKAMIC inside camera. I wanted to upgrade my internet speed and in order to do that my local ISP required I use their router... I had been using my own. Anyway the tech came out and he hooked up their router...
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    Blue Iris Alerts V5

    I'm still trying to figure out where everything is located after upgrading to V5...yes I've tried reading the manual. I have BI alerting via email to my email and also my wife's... plus she is getting a push notification alert to her iPad. I made all these settings when still using V4 which...
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    Help with indoor camera choice

    Can you help with choosing an indoor camera for a 13’ x 14’ room. Our dogs hang out there when we’re not around and would like to spy on them. It needs to have good night vision and it’s app needs to work with both Android & IOS. It would also be nice if it had decent 2-way audio… and it needs...
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    BI & Scheduling

    Currently I have my schedule set to the defaults on my four cameras not knowing how to create new ones. I know this is probably pretty simple for most of you but could someone walk me through step by step on how to set a schedule for BI not to alert me from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM? When you set a...
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    Dahua Webcam Issue

    I have three Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z cams that I had been able to view via it's webcam using Internet Explorer without any issues until I upgraded the firmware to the latest version DH_IPCHX5X3X-Rhea_EngSpn_N_Stream3_V2.460.0000.7.R.20170306. I have no problem logging into each camera and...
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    Can't connect to server when on cellular

    First let me say networking is definitely not my strong suit so I may need detailed help. I'm running the latest version of BI, the official BI app and using a separate modem & router. I ran the Remote Access Wizard and get all green check marks. I'm able to view my camera via PC software and...
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    Help with Masking

    Guys just purchased Blue Iris so still trying to figure out all the settings. I’ve basically left all the settings to default until I can better understand what they do. The image is from a doorbell camera and when really windy the tree limbs keep triggering the motion sensor. Calmer days no...
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    Help with IP Camera purchase

    Guys I’m pretty new to IP cameras with my only experience being my GBF PL960M WiFi IP Doorbell With GBF’s tech help I’ve played around with the camera’s online settings some… but I’m definitely a novice. The camera provides a live feed of the front...