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  1. taschenmesser

    Running multiple CAT6 cables - many spools at once? How to manage spool lengths efficiently

    So I want to run 4 CAT6 cables from the basement of my uncle's large old house to his garage on the first (upper) floor for 3 camera installs there. This is a meandering run through multiple basement rooms, running alongside pipes, and through some cramped crawlspaces at times. Currently there...
  2. taschenmesser

    Best Ubiquity switch for my setup?

    I am planning on the following setup for my Blue Iris/Home LAN camera system, but am not sure which LAN switch to get: Router: pfsense SG-1100 LAN switch: Ubiquity 8 port switch (2) UniFi AC AP Pro for LAN WiFi Blue Iris with 2 NICs Zyxel GS1008HP 8 port POE+ (for the camera network, currently...
  3. taschenmesser

    Run several CAT6 cables to remote location, or one CAT6 connecting to a POE hub?

    I am looking to replace an old camera system for my uncle. Currently there is a run of 3 coaxial cables that run from his basement DVR to his garage. This is a run of a good 150 feet, snaking underneath his house and basement area, up into his garage on the second floor (the house is on a hill)...