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  1. streamnvr

    Outdoor motion detection - better camera or other ideas?

    Why not just use sensor(s) to detect line-of-sight obstructions like your garage door opener ;)
  2. streamnvr

    How to access ip camera without port forwarding

    Really, your only option is to run "something" on your local network that exposes a port on a remote server such as a VPN server. There are services that will do port forwarding for you and then you connect to their address and port and it act's as a "passive gateway" but for the amount of data...
  3. streamnvr

    Noob with No networking skills

    So you have several obstacles to overcome: Local routing (the switch and router); VPN Access; Stream Acquisition (connecting to the cameras and playing them back); Security Concerns Local Routing I would recommend consolidating the router and switch into one device. You could use a Mikrotik...
  4. streamnvr

    VPN camera via local ip

    You're missing a critical piece which is the ability to forward, or route, traffic from your local machine --> through the tunnel --> VPN LAN side ip address. The easiest thing to do would be to install a proxy, like HAproxy and just reverse proxy the port(s) from the VPN server --> LAN...
  5. streamnvr

    Hello from NYC!

    Hey guys, I'm a Senior Software Architect with a passion for streaming video and machine learning. I'm currently working on a cloud-based (open source) streaming solution for your local ip cameras. My latest idea is to use object recognition to detect specific objects in your video stream like...
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    Why hack a camera

    I should have approached this differently.. where I was going that in situations where people are port forwarding this would be highly relevant.
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    Why hack a camera

    What most people overlook is the insecurity of authentication. This is when applications like Blue Iris, etc.. connect to the camera over RTSP or RTMP and the authentication credentials are sent in plain text over the network. Keeping your camera(s) on their own subnet is a good practice but...
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    it ain't easy.

    it ain't easy.