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  1. richl

    Email Subject Line Customization

    Yes - Sorry - That's what I meant by 'general notification email', wrong term, I stand corrected - Thanks.
  2. richl

    Email Subject Line Customization

    (Forgot to attach images. Adding them now)
  3. richl

    Email Subject Line Customization

    TonyR: Thanks for the quick response. I'm aware of all those variables that can be used in various places like individual alerts, the problem is I can't find the right place to specify the variables for global alerts such as camera network errors, restarts, etc. If I go into 'Settings/Email...
  4. richl

    Email Subject Line Customization

    Greetings, I have two BI v5 systems. When receiving a general notification email, such as an error message, camera error, etc., I seem to have no way to tell which of my two systems the email is coming from. Looking at Email Server Settings, I see no way to distinguish between my two systems...
  5. richl

    Strange BI5 console behavior - freezing/missing portions of screen?

    I'm sure we're not the only ones erkme73. If anyone else is reading this and seeing the same problem please chime in to add some weight to the issue. BI4 has been and is wonderful. Incredible. I've used it for a couple of years and LOVE IT. I run two copies at different sites...
  6. richl

    I made a better remote-live-view page [OLD]

    BP2008: Thank you so much for your work here, UI2 has made using BI in the browser SO much nicer. UI2 should be included in the BI downloads as the default set of web pages and I'm baffled that it isn't. Why? Anyhow, thank you so much!