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  1. th182

    I think I hosed my BI install

    This is long-winded but maybe another pair of eyes will think of something I can try here. Thanks in advance for reading! So a couple of days ago I did a reboot on my BI PC and in the process windows did some updates. When it started up all was good until the nightly database compact/repair. It...
  2. th182

    Fine-Tuning help - Daytime Plate Blur

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to get my LPR set up for daytime captures. I have a IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E set up on a pole 10ft from the road. Thanks to all the threads on here I am getting decent night images most of the time. Thankfully I don't need max zoom so the focus bug has not been an...
  3. th182

    Night Prowler

    Found this guy lurking around our house in the middle of the night. He drove by nearly 15 times between 2am and 5am. Scariest part is he appears to be wearing metal knuckles when he knocks on the window. Thankfully that’s just my office window he knocks on.. I have to rename that camera. We...
  4. th182

    Auto-Cycle Freeze

    I'm having an interesting issue with auto-cycle. I have a group set up with 10 cameras, 2-up and the other 8 to the side. I have it set to 1-up on motion. Works great! However occasionally, and seemingly with more frequency now, it will go to 1-up, and when it returns, the 2-up/8 screen only...