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  1. motoolfan

    [tool] [tutorial] Free AI Person Detection for Blue Iris

    I'm very tempted in giving this a try, How's it working for you?
  2. motoolfan

    Sentry Server Error

    Are you talking about AI tool?
  3. motoolfan

    Sentry Server Error

    I'll definitely write to him this weekend.
  4. motoolfan

    Sentry Server Error

    It’s very inconsistent. Yesterday it happened a couple times, today and two days ago it’s been crazy, triggers galore. Just had a UPS delivery and none of my sentry camera’s notified me. I have one camera is not going through sentry, it notifies me when cars turn around my driveway, it notified...
  5. motoolfan

    Sentry Server Error

    I've been using Sentry for 3 weeks or so and for the most part, it's working pretty good. The last three days I'm getting all the triggers and getting "Sentry: Server error 12002" in the logs. The first time I emailed them, they said they rebooted their server. That worked for a day, Until...
  6. motoolfan

    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    I wonder if just deleting the bi4 directory would be considered an uninstall?
  7. motoolfan

    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    Damn, that's what backups are for, lol.
  8. motoolfan

    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    Upgrade went smooth as well, Haven't uninstalled v4 yet. If you tell win10 to keep the settings, will it?
  9. motoolfan


    Are there any firmware updates available for this cam? Thanks
  10. motoolfan


    Or just roll back to BI4. Ive not yet tried BI5, figured I'd give it 6 or so months after release to settle.
  11. motoolfan

    Object (person) detection

    There's some interesting developments here Local realtime person detection for RTSP cameras and he's added support for this USB Accelerator | Coral which takes the load off of the cpu.
  12. motoolfan

    Blue Iris Performance Statistics

    Awesome indeed! I was able to find my 7700k fairly easy.. lol
  13. motoolfan

    Hykamic 4.0 Megapixel Indoor Camera - Amazon - $89

    I just ordered one of these, I have 4 of the 2MP Hikvision cube clone, all flashed with the official F/W's. Will the 2MP F/W work with the 4MP?
  14. motoolfan

    Blue Iris x64 update 9-10-2018

    No issues here, Upgraded an hour or so ago.
  15. motoolfan

    New Ring Alarm System 199

    Thanks for putting this info out there, wasn't aware ring even had a security system lol. I've just ordered the Costco kit.
  16. motoolfan


    And they left?! Jeesh!
  17. motoolfan

    Dahua 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera (SD49225T-HN)

    Mine has mounted out in the open for well over a year, no issues at all. Knock on wood!
  18. motoolfan

    Blue Iris UI3

    I like it, Awesome job!
  19. motoolfan

    ANNKE I61DR 2MP (Hikvision Cube Clone)

    Will do, Thanks for replying.
  20. motoolfan

    ANNKE I61DR 2MP (Hikvision Cube Clone)

    Will I need to upgrade on this order? Or do I need to do all these steps?
  21. motoolfan

    ANNKE I61DR 2MP (Hikvision Cube Clone)

    Awesome, Thanks for the pics!
  22. motoolfan

    ANNKE I61DR 2MP (Hikvision Cube Clone)

  23. motoolfan

    ANNKE I61DR 2MP (Hikvision Cube Clone)

    Are these able to be mounted on a wall?
  24. motoolfan

    4.6.3 needed

  25. motoolfan

    4.6.3 needed

    I forgot to save this version, anyone have a link? I'm wanting to try, but if needed want to be able to roll back. Thanks
  26. motoolfan

    Dahua 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera (SD49225T-HN)

    Mine has been up for about 8 months and is out in the weather (on the peak of roof). Knock on wood, it's been working great.
  27. motoolfan

    Windows 10 Creators update compatibility with Blue Iris

    Working great here