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    Facial Recognition for Employee Attendance and Identifying Unauthorised People

    We have a Hikvision CCTV system composed of two NVRs (DS-96128N-I16 & DS-8664N-I8) and a number of different models of camera (can provide details if necessary), and using IVMS4200 for monitoring. I have been asked to look into identifying employees to take their attendance (currently scan...
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    Hikvision English language with Chinese hardware

    After learning how to use the Chinese language IVMS I discovered how to enable the English language on IVMS 4200. This allows you to configure the NVR with English language settings and can save some money on the hardware ;) Install English/Multi Language IVMS Copy the English (or other)...
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    Been here a while and made some posts but never posted introduction. I'm British, working in China. New to surveillance but strong background in IT and networks. Found myself here after being given a project to install CCTV system. Hardware was selected by my (Chinese) colleague so the biggest...
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    IVMS language mismatch

    I previously posted regarding changing a Chinese NVR to English language and was told due to having Chinese cameras it would not be possible. I have now connected IVMS 4200 to the NVR to provide camera access to department heads, however I also have to use the Chinese version of this. The...
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    Hikvision DS-96128N-I16 English Language FW

    Hi I am working in China and we just updated our CCTV system. We have a Hikvision NVR DS-96128N-I16 which is obviously the Chinese model, thus only has Chinese language. I would like to use English language FW for myself and other foreign employees who are unable to read Chinese. I have...