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    Kids tipping a porta potty

    Forgot, I changed the camera because the original broke. It's actually an LTS CMIP9532
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    Kids tipping a porta potty

    Dahua IPC-HFW4300S
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    Kids tipping a porta potty

    No chance getting a good shot when running
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    IPCT 2 MP Starlight IR Fixed Turret Network Camera, 2.8mm, Powered by Night Eye

    Any chance of getting 4mm turrets? Been searching for a while with no luck.
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    Dahua day/night switch utility - DahuaSunriseSunset

    Is it possible to make this program continuously send zoom/focus commands every minute or so for cameras that lose focus by themselves?
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    A possible fix for nighttime IPC-HFW5231E-Z12 autofocus issues

    Pulled a little bit of zoom out and added more reflectors. Been over a month and is working great. Only worried about winter when they get covered with snow.
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    A possible fix for nighttime IPC-HFW5231E-Z12 autofocus issues

    Nevermind, camera still goes out of focus and stays out of focus even with the reflectors day and night. Might have to try a little less zoom or figure a way to constantly send a focus command to it every few minutes.
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    A possible fix for nighttime IPC-HFW5231E-Z12 autofocus issues

    Tried this, been good for 3 nights now so seems to help. Hopefully my neighbor doesn't remove it. Daytime still has the same problem of focus shifting and not coming back into focus. I'm almost all the way zoomed out, like 90%. I also switch and hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise.
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    R/C vehicle to pull CAT5 cable through crawlspace?

    I’ve done this with a small rc car in a cold air return that ran across a section of ceiling to run a pull string. Worked great, just lowered the car through a register and let it run until it fell in the basement.
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    Semi Driver vs Power Lines

    Fills the roll of a perfect license plate camera. Wish I had a way to house a camera at the street like that.
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    ArcWelder vs IP Camera

    I weld about 15 to 20 feet from my camera in my garage with no problems so far. It's just a hobby so welding only happens a couple times a month. The footage looks good, very mild compared to a sunset. This is with low to mid amperage tig welding though, so like an 11 shade helmet.
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    Bike Theft

    Bike left outside unattended and unlocked, 2 minutes later it's stolen. Here is the boring and useless capture with a dahua mini bullet. I suspect even with a lot of zoom, the harsh sun back lighting and dark complexion it wouldn't give an ID.
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    Ultra Low Light vs. Darkfighter

    Var zoom lens and a mic
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    Ultra Low Light vs. Darkfighter

    I have all 3, I don't think the Darkfighter is better image wise than the other two. I prefer the Dahua for the features though.
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    another illegal dumper bites the dust

    I would like to see what the sheriff would do. I'm guessing he'll just move on to some other property to dump it.
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    CMVision IR9 Illuminator

    So far it's working fine, no problems.
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    nice, mp5 or some sort of carbine falling out the back...
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    Operation repo

    The rest is them standing around and talking to the police after they arrive, not very interesting so I left it out. No chase or handcuffs, just showing paperwork and emptying out the car and loading it on a trailer.
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    Operation repo

    Captured this on one of my old analog cameras that I haven't gotten around to converting to IP. Cops came and let him trailer the car away so guessing he's a repo guy.
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    Female Trespasser at 3AM

    RMR on a a g19, my favorite setup. That's an MOS or milled slide with a sealing plate?
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    weed guy stashing his stuff

    This plaza never fails to deliver. Why would you stash your drugs, wouldn't it be safer on you? Perhaps nobody has figured out all those cameras are monitored? You could really up your fee a lot when it's time to renew their monitoring contract, they'd happily pay seeing all this stuff being...
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    blue iris machine recommendation

    "Lenovo S510 10KY002BUS Small Form Factor Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5-6400 2.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 10 Professional" $340 What are your opinions on this machine to run 6 camera's (1) 2mp, (3) 4mp, (1) 3mp, and (1) 5mp all running 15fps. I have an spare stick of ram and a WD...
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    New 16 camera system needed for small shop...

    Consider leaving the Siamese cable in place so you can take advantage of the 12v cable. I did and use it for external IR, PIR's and mics.
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    gun slinger

    Great job. This plaza has produced an amazingly high amount of interesting video. Money well spent with monitoring.
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    Dahua Mini Black Face PTZ (SD29204S-GN & SD29204T-GN)

    dahui mini blackface, the one listed in the beginning of the thread. I've also used the huisun mini ptz with the nvr, ptz function works with that also
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    Dahua Mini Black Face PTZ (SD29204S-GN & SD29204T-GN)

    PTZ function works on my hikvision DS-7608NI-E2/8P but motion recording stops working if I hit any presets.
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    NVR with IR control?

    My Dahua hybrid from 2014 came with a remote. Ok for switching screens and basic stuff, the mouse is way better. Problem is it must share some programming with the Vizio tv I had in the room, using the tv remote would make the nvr switch screens, manual record, turn off recording etc. Ended...
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    having some fun with illegal dumpers

    Great job, Just amazed you got it resolved in half an hour.
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    Dedicated License Plate Cam project

    I wouldn't do a hikvision with 25mm mod lens or anything that couldn't be refocused remotely. Mine works at 80-100ft but it's a pain to focus, when it's clear for daytime, it's blurry at night. Mine is weird that I focus it for night time but it's blurry at the edges which is sharp in the...
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    Hillary supporters came to visit me today

    So where they caught? Anything happen to the thieves?