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    New LPR camera?

    I thought I saw in passing a comment by Andy @EMPIRETECANDY saying a new LPR camera was coming, and that it would be worth the wait. Is this a better idea than the 12x zoom Lory that's out there? I'm still fighting mine and, while I do enjoy the challenge, I've decided having some extra time...
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    Adding a microSD Card to the IPC-HDW4433C-A, and dumping the firmware...

    Yes, it's a cheap, not - upgradeable chinese camera. Anyway I dumped the firmware and discovered lots of little goodies in it. In addition, another thread references it as a IPC-HDW4431C-A-V3 ; which would imply it may be able to be upgraded using the Dahua Kit that was so nicely built here...
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    HiSilicon 'cheapy' camera, unencrypted firmware

    I have a cheapie IMX291 from Ali that I've been playing with, and the firmware (which kindly is online) is un-encrypted. Appears to be a number of squash-fs systems, and all IMG files to boot. Binwalk does a pretty good job tearing it down though there is one archive that doesn't seem to...
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    Panasonic Camera factory reset / corrupted password

    Any method to reset a Panasonic panasonic:aw-he50 / style camera with a corrupted password?
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    Hikvision 'mud ring' replacement STL or source

    I seem to have lost the mud ring that goes around the top of the turret (covers the screws, etc). That's what I get for waiting to install for so long. Does anyone have a source for replacement rings, or does anyone have an STL for having made one? I can 3D print (poorly). Otherwise it's gonna...
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    Autofocus lenses and Crop Factor/ Equiv

    I'm not looking for the right things, apparently, as I'm only finding very small zooms. I was looking for any autofocus lens to see what's out there. Any pointers to where they're sold? Second question: Right now I have a 50mm (6.7 FOV) on the camera, but wanted to check my math. I used to...
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    Flip IR-PASS filters for day/night use

    Odd question but one I am not seeing an immediate answer for. I want my camera to only shoot in IR, which means I need the IR filter holder to be active during the day (not a big deal, software) but I need to put into it an IR-pass filter. Also known as long-pass or ZWB2 or ZWB3. Or deep red...
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    Edgecore 4210 not providing POE to Ali /af compatible board

    I haven't fully dived into this yet. I have a couple of POE switches, including one that is only 10/100. The Edgecore above can do gig POE, and so can a netgear Prosafe. The prosafe sends POE just fine- I've measured 48v and 12v reliably. However the edgecore doesn't;I have NOT been able to...
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    Sony block cam upgrade? Is this anything worth buying and upgrading with a new sensor/IP board? Given the zoom range on the lense it sounds nice on paper.
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    Dahua zoom /varifocal IPcams with SD Cards?

    I have a Dahua without an SD Card slot, but it does have the breakouts and headers on the board. If you're aware of a teardown or a specific model of the varifocal with a attached SD card slot (micro), please let me know. There's a couple of unpopulated pads and I don't know what components are...
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    Waterproof housing (similar to Dahua zoom) for DIY LPR?

    I'm looking for a housing for my DIY 50mm Sony IMX291 LPR. I couldn't find anything with close specs, and I frankly got tired of fighting it, so for 20$ from Ali and another 25$ for a fast optic, I now have a lense capable of reading license plates to the edge of my circle (and a bit beyond)...
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    50mm lense for imx293 Sony starvis sensor

    With Ali offering imx293 bare bone units for under 20$ I wanted to get one to test as an lpr. Hunting down a good resolution 50mm had been all but impossible. Any suggestions
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    JTAG sharing PoE on hikvision New cam?

    The same cam I'm fighting doesn't seem to have a JTAG connector anywhere. But they're are some extra pins in the power connector that have thin traces. Any suggestions?
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    EZViz Camera: CS-CV110-A1, photos, passwords...

    It's been a bit frustrating but here is the EZViz camera that is causing me so much grief. First, unless you read the FAQ, buried way in the back is the statement "No Web- secure only" and "Only compatible with the ezviz NVR". What that means is there is NO webservices, no SSH, no nothing...
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    Hikvision PCB DS-803015 - What NVR?

    The EZViz NVR I bought as a set with 4x 4k cameras (none of which are running a webserver) has a PCB mark on it saying it's the DS-803015, Rev 1.0. I've been scraping as much web as I can to find it, but I can't find a single NVR photo of this board. I doubt it's new- it's just figuring out...
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    EZViz NVR setup without a monitor

    Edit: Well, you can't set this thing up without a monitor. Once I did, and entered the password I set with SADP, I suddenly could get a video feed from the local LAN. However it only works in EZViz, not ivm 4200, and the password used for the NVR isn't accepted from the ivms4200 software. It...
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    EZVision Cameras? Cross flashing? 4K UHD NVR with 2TB HDD & 4 4K Outdoor Night Vision Bullet Cameras Sadly my google-fu isn't good enough, and all I came across was references to the app. However 50$/camera and an NVR for...
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    Software for NAS playback of HK/DH cameras

    I have my HikVision and Dahua cameras setup to write to an external NAS. The videos play pretty easily inside their browser but, obviously, the interface... stinks. Is there another software application that does this easier/seamlessly? I'm not running BlueIris or any other packages- I'd...
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    Freenas Hikvision Dahua external storage setup scripts

    Boy did I get all those search terms ? Right now I'm just screwing around with performance for a half dozen cameras (1080 to 4k). I think I've finally figured out how to get them to mount (map root/map wheel), then manually set the quota for all four (in my case, 200gb). Name each share 'cam1...
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    HFW4431R - adding a MicroSD card?

    Was getting ready to mount this camera from XinRay and thought to open it up- check the desiccant, etc. On the top of the PCB though there is the familiar Micro-SD shape and pinout, and it got me wondering if I could add one. Most of the components necessary are present (some caps aren't, but...