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    It's not going well no camera network activity but power

    I made some new cat 6 cables tested them and work fine in the cable tester. Plugged into the camera and get power but no video. 1-8 work fine in tester
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    Can not connect to camera anymore?

    Pulled a camera ethernet out to move to a new switch, put it in the new switch and now can not get any video from it or connect to the ip camera admin page. Tried to see it on config tool and nothing here either. Tried it back in the old switch and still nothing. The camera has power and a...
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    Camera disconnecting from poe

    I have a couple of different cameras disconnecting from the power and the network light stays on I bought a DGS‑1008P revision b1 (which I cant even find firmware for) 8‑Port Gigabit PoE Unmanaged Desktop Switch on Oct 22, 2015. For example I have a front camera working all day and by tomorrow...
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    Gdmss & idmss mobile apps constant issues!! No notifications

    I was having trouble getting iPad app to send notifications I ended up resetting the iPad and installing the plus version. Problem fixed! Now android was working on both phones now all of a sudden both android phones have stopped sending messages around 12:00 yesterday but iPad is still getting...
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    Failed to subscribe error?

    Trying to get gdmss to work on my iPad and it's have none of it. Every time I try to subscribe to a camera it's telling me it's failed. Yet it works fine on my android phone.
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    Outside wall light

    Which light wall light compliments rather than blinds my ip camera? My partner wants a new light so it has to look fairly nice :) but I do not want to get any because I think it might cause an issue when trying to see past the light? Perhaps a down light would be good? I am from the UK has...
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    gdmss plus bug or as in intended?

    So I have been setting up tripwires and intrusion boxes near my doors and decided to use gdmss plus to notify me when its entered or crossed using SMB on windows 10 to record the event. I was originally just getting snapshots through ftp which didn't go to well I found it to be not as reliant...
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    30% cpu to 100%

    So I have received my 4 th camera today IPC-HDW5541H-AS-PV 5MP WDR IR and added it to the blue iris app 5.1 latest version and my cpu makes a massive jump by just adding this camera to around the 90% to 100% with three cameras its normally around 30-40% I have looked at wiki to reduce cpu and...
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    Blue iris H265

    So I am on upgrading my cams one by one first one I have got is OEM IPC-T5241H-AS-PV 2mp AI active deterrence cam to act as a camera/intrusion alarm above a door. I have also decided to invest in blue iris its a great program and should of had it 4 years ago instead of messing with hikvisions...
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    Not as sensitive as I hoped

    Hello been trying the demo and I am really struggling with people walking past on a night. The camera is ignoring it I am trying different triggers and algorithms but having some success then seem deflated when someone walks past and its just does not trigger! Blue iris is a brilliant program...
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    upgrade worth it?

    Hi currently have x2 DS-2CD2032F-I For my security the night views can be a little poor at times just wondering if any one can tell me if there is any better cameras for around £50 each that would be worth upgrading to as its been a while since I bought these cameras has tech moved on much?
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    Camera video degraded? video included

    Here is my night view the image seems to flash and have lots of movement of pixels is the because of a degraded ethernet cable do you think
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    Hik connect playback greyed out?

    So yesterday I did a lot of work to my cameras I have 2 DS-2CD2032F-I that I have setup in the cameras to record to smb/cifs I upgraded both cameras from Chinese versions to the latest versions using the brick method both went well I am now on V5.4.5 build 170123 with emails working properly...
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    Was messing with hik connect android app tring to change my ip now I have no cameras

    Ok so why would both my bullet cameras disappear off the network and not come back can not see them on SADP either im lost what to do have also tried a ap reset on one of them still nothing.. I am completely baffled why there is not an ip anywhere to be seen on my cameras anymore. I have two...
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    Any big advances

    I have a 2032 f hikvision was thinking about upgrading one of the main units but wondering is there any big advances in low light from these units? They are great during the day my but cameras are great but a little to grainy in the night just because the lack of street lighting so would like...
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    Need some improvements suggestions

    So I have a 2032 which is meant to keep an eye on my car I have a few idiots around that like to destroy and damage peoples property. Problem is to get an id this setup is not going to work day is fine but once that night fall comes its terrible. Camera running at 1920 x1080p 20 fps 4096...
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    How to set-up switch day and night?

    I am a little confused with the switch day and night we have 3 options common day and night my confusion comes when I set day to 06:00 to 18:00 and try to set night to 18:00 to 06:00 which wont work as I get a parameter error?
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    Blue iris image darker then camera software image

    Anyone came across this before I noticed on my web camera image it seems a lot brighter than blue iris making blue iris pretty useless for me as I cant see northing.
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    Missing recording gaps

    I seem to be getting missing gaps in my continuous recordings and not sure why anyone got any ideas?
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    Poor night light

    Model DS-2CD2032F-I Firmware Version V5.2.5 build 141201 Encoding Version V5.0 build 140714 Hello I have some bad lighting around my house is there a way to improve these images and my video quality of my cameras I cant seem to get them to catch anything thing recognizable at night im still...
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    DS-2CD2032F-I 3MP Bitrate and resolution

    Any advice on the Bitrate and resolution of what I should keep the camera at I have a 500 gb hard drive and two cameras recording to the same hard drive through smb via motion detection. 2048 x 1536 seems to suit my property better this is what I have it at. Bitrate is at 4096 @ 15 fps I am a...
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    Recording 24 hour video to ftp?

    DS-2CD2032F-I Can this be done so far I have managed to set-up screenshots that upload straight into the folders but cant seem to get it to upload any video to my ftp. I wanted to get it to record 24 hrs to my my ftp with motion alerts if its possible.
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    Have I messed up unmanaged switch?

    I have bought DGS-1008P (unmanaged) and two Hikvision DS-2CD2032F-I now when putting the switch on the network via a powerline and connecting the two cameras I can not see any ips through through my main router admin page. If I try connecting by SAPD I see the two cameras with ips of...
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    Hikvision or trendnet?

    So I am after my first two cameras decided on two poe cameras and buying a switch TP-LINK TL-SG1008P so I can power and connect them to my ftp server this should work fine? When going to buy the hikvision and read some of the questions and noticed that trendnet are doing the same camera re...